Government Work Report (2)

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We have been striving to carry out the campaign to improve the city’s environment, traffic and public order, and have been trying conscientiously to solve problems of general interest and public concern. We earnestly implemented the No. 1 and No. 2 motions of the municipal people’s congress. We worked out and have been implementing a plan of action to carry out the campaign to improve the city’s environment, traffic and public order that treats both the root causes and the symptoms of existing problems and defines responsibilities. We started the comprehensive improvement of Shenzhen’s water environment, enhanced the prevention and treatment of the pollution caused by automobile exhaust fumes, and reduced the discharge by industrial pollution sources to basically meet national standards. Consequently, the city’s appearance and environment have been improved. Eight measures were taken to ease traffic jams in the short run, and traffic direction and management were markedly enhanced. As a result, traffic congestion was eased despite the sharp increase in the number of vehicles. We improved the system of public participation in maintaining public order and preventing crime, carried out thoroughly Strike Hard campaigns to crack down hard on crime, and vigorously worked at cracking down on criminal gangs and solving serious criminal cases. We also intensified the management of the floating population, rented houses and entertainment venues, and stepped up efforts to crack down on prostitution and pornography, gambling, drug abuse and trafficking. We removed the potential hazards around the garbage-dumping site at Yulongkeng, enhanced the prevention of traffic accidents, and thus achieved a steady situation of production safety with no big or exceptionally big accidents happening during the whole year. Conflicts and disputes were mediated and thoroughly investigated, close attention was paid to correspondence and consultation with the masses, and the system of Party and administrative leaders receiving the public on selected days was implemented to quickly remove destabilizing factors and guarantee social stability.

Urban planning, construction and management have been constantly enhanced according to the requirements for building an internationalized city. We held an on-site meeting in Nanshan on the city’s urban planning to establish urban planning’s core position and strengthen its leading, guiding and regulating roles in urban development and construction. We drew up The Short-Term Urban Construction Program of Shenzhen and The Main Highway Network Program of Shenzhen, and revised The Urban Planning Standard and Code of Shenzhen. Designing of urban landscape and buildings was reinforced, the seaside sightseeing corridor along Shenzhen Bay was planned and urban parks were better protected. We passed the examination for the title of National Model City for Forestation and the reexamination for the title of National Garden-like City. We strictly controlled the scale of land development. The two regulations by the municipal people’s congress concerning the handling of illegal properties built in the past were conscientiously implemented, and the handling of these buildings quickened, with more than 50 percent dealt with. The transfer of the administrative power of some areas along the demarcation line between the special economic zone and the rest of the city was basically completed. The urbanization of Bao’an and Longgang districts was quickly pushed forward, and the experiment of establishing sub-district offices in the former Longhua and Longgang townships progressed smoothly.

5. People’s Livelihood Further Improved, and Various Social Undertakings Progressing in an All-round Way.

Residents’ income and social insurance level steadily increased. The per capita disposable income of the city’s urban dwellers went up to 25,900 yuan, an annual increase of 4 percent, and the per capita net income of rural households increased to 11,300 yuan, up 6.2 percent year on year. The upgrading of residents’ spending pattern accelerated, and the purchase of such costly commodities as cars and houses and of services including vacations, health care and cultural and sports activities grew steadily. The insurance premium collection for expanded social security coverage was further enhanced, and the number of people enjoying basic old-age pensions, basic medical insurance and occupational pensions increased quite quickly. The basic old-age pension and basic medical insurance system was set up for people involved in the urbanization of Bao’an and Longgang districts, and the aboriginal villagers in the two districts were included in the city’s unified social insurance system. Unemployment benefits and old-age pensions were paid in full and on time. The employment service system was improved and efforts were made to do a good job with both employment and reemployment, helping more than 12,000 people get reemployed and keeping the registered unemployment rate of urban residents at 2.6 percent. We cracked down on illegal activities such as labor frauds and wage arrears, and 135 million yuan -- part of which was overdue wages -- was recovered for laborers in the city. Projects of public concern were vigorously carried out. The Campaign of Getting Rich Together was continued and the work to provide people in need with aid and support was strengthened. The application requirement for legal aid was lowered and the coverage of legal aid was expanded. We further improved the social security system for housing, and provided 60 families especially in need with low-rent housing.

Social undertakings in education, culture, public health, sports and other areas made comprehensive progress. In 2003, all the six districts in the city were awarded the title of District Strong in Education at provincial level, and 90 percent of the townships, provincial-level Townships Strong in Education. A total of 45 more schools became first-grade schools at provincial level, more than 80,000 school places were added to the city’s primary and middle schools, and 15,000 quality high school places were provided. We also tried various ways and channels to meet the demand of non-permanent residents for compulsory education. The development of higher education was quickened. There were 20 more master’s degree programs at Shenzhen University, which also began enrolling doctorate candidates. The quality of Shenzhen Polytechnic improved steadily. Shenzhen Institute of Information Technology received State approval to pilot the building of a showcase software institute. The western campus of the University Town was completed and opened, and Qinghua University, Beijing University and Harbin Institute of Technology have set up their Shenzhen graduate schools there, enrolling nearly 2,000 full-time postgraduate students. We vigorously introduced various talented people from both home and abroad, and succeeded in attracting more than 30,000 people from throughout the country to settle in the city along with more than 1,200 returned overseas students. Cultural undertakings reaped abundant fruits, winning 71 international prizes and 186 national ones. We successfully held a number of large-scale mass cultural activities such as Shenzhen Reading Month, Shenzhen Grand Theater Arts Festival and Shenzhen Golden Autumn Community Cultural and Arts Festival, resulting in a bumper harvest both in social and economic benefits. We actively pushed forward the building of the public health system and improved the system of disease prevention and control. Breakthroughs were made in the system of establishing and running hospitals. Thirty-five more community health service centers were built. We extensively promoted fitness and sports activities with the participation of all the people, successfully hosted the sixth municipal sports meet, and ranked in the top 10 in terms of gold medals at the Fifth National Intercity Games. Comprehensive reforms in family planning were carried out in an all-round and a prudent manner, and various family planning indexes were the best since the establishment of the municipality. We strengthened services in monitoring national economic and social development, and reaped the first fruits in implementing the reform of census by residency. IT application to archive-related work was constantly enhanced. New achievements were made in our work concerning foreign affairs and affairs related with minority people, religion, Taiwan and overseas Chinese.

New achievements were made in building spiritual civilization. A new upsurge in studying the important thought of Three Represents was set off throughout the society. We vigorously promoted and fostered the great anti-SARS spirit. We learned thoroughly from anti-SARS heroes and other heroes and models like Huang Lianming and Xiong Muchun, and raised the Shenzhen Spirit to a higher level. We implemented the Program for Improving Civic Morality along with the Code of Conduct and Moral Norms for Shenzhen Citizens, and launched Project Care in Shenzhen, making the city a more caring society. We implemented the project of consolidating the foundation and strengthening the base, and enhanced grass-roots organizations and the building of communities. The city was three times bestowed the honor of national model city in mutual support between the army on the one hand and the government and people on the other. The national defense education and the building of the national defense reserves have been continuously reinforced.

The building of democracy and a legal system was further strengthened. This government dealt with two motions and 383 proposals of deputies to the municipal people’s congress and three motions and 528 proposals of members of the municipal committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC). In support of the legislation work by the Shenzhen Municipal People’s Congress, we submitted eight legislative proposals for deliberation by the Standing Committee of the Shenzhen Municipal People’s Congress and promulgated five municipal government regulations. In order to boost governance by law, we further improved the government legal advisory system and firmly implemented the practice of subjecting major government policy decisions to legal scrutiny. We increased the transparency of government work; maintained the system of reporting to the Shenzhen Municipal People’s Congress; willingly subjected itself to the supervision of the municipal committee of the CPPCC, democratic parties and the masses; and supported and encouraged the media to strengthen their supervision. On our own initiative, We sought opinions and suggestions from the municipal people’s congress and the municipal committee of the CPPCC on its work; actively supported members of the municipal committee of the CPPCC to perform their functions; and strengthened the contact and cooperation with democratic parties, the Federation of Industry and Commerce, mass organizations, and persons without party affiliation.

6. Vigorously Improving the Government Itself by Raising Quality, Efficiency and Morale of the Public Servants, Acting Responsibly, Seeking Substantial Results and Striving for Implementation.

We vigorously promoted the sense of responsibility, the spirit of making unremitting efforts toward self-improvement and the pioneering spirit, and uplifted the morale of the cadres in the city. We strengthened the system of responsibility and the mechanism of coordination, implemented the work system for one task to have one municipal leader in charge and the system of job responsibility for one task to have one functional department accountable for its implementation. As a result, we clarified departmental responsibility and administrative accountability, and improved the efficiency of administration. We strengthened the investigation of the administrative responsibility of failed tasks and projects and enhanced the supervision of administrative efficacy. We earnestly investigated and dealt out punishment for a few cases of administrative irregularities involving slack administration, extravagant spending, buck-passing, and ignoring administrative orders. We also launched performance auditing on a few large projects, and encouraged the media to expose wrongdoings and exercise supervision. We conscientiously implemented the principle that “Rewards and punishments will be meted out duly for merits and errors, and achievements will be rewarded and mistakes must be corrected.” We vigorously advanced the work to fight against corruption and promote a clean government. We launched efforts to recover government loans that either breached rules and regulations or were overdue. We increased the intensity of supervision by supervisory and auditing departments. We further transformed government functions, set higher standards for our work and lowered the cost of administration.

Fellow deputies,

The relatively satisfactory achievements we have made in the city’s economic and social development over the past year are the results of Shenzhen people’s courage in the face of difficulties, their unity and their hard work under the leadership of the Central Committee of the CPC, the State Council, and the Guangdong Provincial Committee of the CPC, the Guangdong Provincial People’s Government and the Shenzhen Municipal Committee of the CPC. Here, on behalf of the Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government, I would like to pay our highest tribute to all our cadres and masses in various trades and fields in the city; to units of the Central Government and provincial governments stationed in Shenzhen; to officers and men of the People’s Liberation Army and the Armed Police deployed in Shenzhen; to all democratic parties, mass organizations, other people from all walks of life and builders of Shenzhen from other places. I would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to our compatriots in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, the Macao Special Administrative Region, Taiwan and other overseas Chinese communities, and international friends who have participated in, cared about and supported Shenzhen’s development.

We are clearly aware that there are still pressing problems and difficulties in Shenzhen’s economic and social development. First, the contradiction between limited space for development and fast economic and social development and a fast-growing population is becoming more and more acute, and the resources of water and electricity are becoming increasingly scarce. Second, the adjustment of the industrial structure needs to be strengthened, because the weight of the tertiary industry in the structure keeps decreasing, the manufacturing industry is overly tilted toward the light, export-oriented and processing industries, and structural risks are relatively high. Third, the task of reforming SOEs remains tough and heavy, and reforms of capital investment and financing systems are relatively lagging. Fourth, with other places in China stepping up efforts to lure investment, Shenzhen is not as competitive as before in attracting foreign investment. Fifth, the level of urban planning and management has not yet met the requirements of an internationalized city, and environmental and traffic problems are still rather outstanding. Sixth, problems in public order remain acute, and the masses are not satisfied with the situation. Seventh, traffic accidents and the like are still happening from time to time, and there still exist very dangerous potential hazards in the work place. Eighth, imperfections remain in the urban emergency mechanism and our capability to cope with emergencies needs improving. Ninth, the quality, sense of responsibility, work efficiency and quality of services of some public servants are not up to standard - and even very poor for a few of them, and the government’s functions need to be further transformed. We must pay great attention to these problems and strive to solve them in real earnest in our work ahead.

II. Major Tasks of the Government in 2004

The Eighth Plenary Session of the Third Shenzhen Municipal Committee of the CPC put forward the following general requirements for our work in 2004: Take Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important thought of Three Represents as our guide; earnestly carry forward the spirit of the 16th National Congress of the CPC, the Third Plenary Session of the 16th Central Committee of the CPC, the Central Economic Working Conference and the Fourth Plenary Session of the Ninth Guangdong Provincial Committee of the CPC; follow the requirements of building an internationalized city, take advantage of the opportunities brought about by the Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement between the Chinese Mainland and Hong Kong, take development as the theme and the perfection of the socialist market economic system as the driving force; take the people’s fundamental interests as the starting point and destination of our work; adhere to the principle of developing as fast as we can and as well as we can; stick to the comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development based on the people’s needs; work still harder in solidarity to achieve the sustained, fast, coordinated and healthy development of the economy, bring about social progress in an all-round way, and consistently push forward reform, opening up and modernization.

According to the general requirements and with various factors and opinions from different walks of society taken into consideration, it is suggested that the city set its economic development targets as: the GDP growth, 13 percent; the registered urban unemployment rate, under 3 percent; the general consumer price index, 102 percent; the growth of the value added of industry, 17 percent; the growth of the output of high-tech products, 23 percent; the growth of the total import and export volume, and the total export volume, 8 percent respectively; the growth of the total investment in fixed assets in the city, 15 percent; the growth of the total volume of retail sales of consumer goods in the city, 13 percent; the growth of the local fiscal revenue, 12 percent.

In order to fulfill the above-mentioned tasks, we must give emphasis to the following areas of work:

1. Fulfill the Requirements of the New Perspective of Development, Strengthen the Improvement of the Environment, Continue to Promote the campaign to improve the city’s environment, traffic and public order, and Enhance the Capability for Sustainable Development and the Supporting Capacity for Economic and Social Development.

We should take the implementation of the new perspective of development as the main thread of the government’s work this year. We should transform our functions according to the new perspective of development and adjust our way of thinking in our work. We should change the traditional mode of emphasizing economic growth and neglecting environmental protection, and of first polluting the environment and then trying to clean it, and realize the harmonious development of the human society and the natural environment. Wet should use more of the budget on social management and public services to realize the progress of the society in an all-round way. The direct investment we are to make this year to realize the new perspective of development will reach 12 billion yuan, about a record 65 percent of the planned government investment. From now on, when we judge the work of the districts and municipal departments, we will give equal - or even more - weight to the environment, social, and humanity indexes compared with the economic growth rate and the volume of foreign investment.

We should improve the construction of the city’s infrastructure facilities and strive to solve the bottleneck problems in economic and social development. Water and power supplies are the basic elements that sustain the basic livelihood of the city and the basic platform that supports the economic and social development. We must give priority to solving the problem of water and power supplies. We must improve the guarantee system of water resources; initiate Phase II of the Dongjiang River Water Source Project; build the Meilin, Bijia Mountain and Dapeng branch lines; and complete Phase I of the Longkou-Qiankeng Water Supply Project. We should build and expand reservoirs and increase the capacity of the city’s water supply. We must strive to increase the power supply to Shenzhen from the South China Power Grid. We should do a good job in the construction of power plants and power grids. We should speed up the construction of power plants, power transmission and conversion facilities and technical engineering projects to replace small power plants with larger ones so as to guarantee power supply. We should promote power-saving technologies and use electricity wisely. We should strengthen the protection of power supply facilities and ensure safe production of power. In coordination with the city’s general plan we should improve the medium- and long-term power plan.

We must intensify our efforts in environmental protection and the prevention and treatment of pollution to create a clean and beautiful environment. We should further implement the environmental protection target responsibility system, give priority to providing funding to environmental protection works, and speed up infrastructure development for environmental protection. We should promote the overall progress of the comprehensive treatment of the “five rivers, four reservoirs, two bays and one estuary”② by making a scientific, rational and realistic plan and through stemming pollution, dredging and diverting clean water from other water sources. We must make unrelenting efforts to solve the problem of the polluted and smelly rivers and ensure that the quality of the source of drinking water is up to standard. We should conduct large-scale research and planning to formulate a strategic program to solve our shortage of water resources and landscape water resources, and conscientiously do a good job in the early deliberation process. We should continue to prevent and treat industrial pollution, improve the collection and treatment rate of daily garbage and wastewater. We should earnestly make a good job of the comprehensive use of the treated and purified wastewater, vigorously develop the recycling economy, clean production and green consumption, and increase the environment’s capacity to support development. We should strengthen the prevention and treatment of automobile emissions and improve the atmospheric environment. We should step up the work in the supervision and inspection of noise and further strengthen the reduction of noise pollution. We should make a good ecological plan for the city, vigorously promote tree planting, and start to build and strive to complete the construction of 18 urban, suburban and forest parks within three to five years. We should do a good job in greening and beautifying the city, and speed up the treatment of bare mountains and soil erosion. We should develop ecological and tourist agriculture. We should build a high-quality China International Horticultural and Flower Garden and be a good host for the Fifth China International Horticultural and Flower Expo. We should produce a high standard of planning for the Dapeng Peninsular and make it an important model of the new perspective of development. We must intensify the comprehensive improvement of the city’s appearance, vigorously implement the administrative responsibility system, and earnestly solve the problems of filth, disorder and poor management of “villages in the city.”③ Illegal sales stalls on the streets, posters and construction will be strictly prohibited. We should spare no effort to make good preparations for the reexamination for National Model City for Environmental Protection and National Sanitation City.

We should speed up comprehensive traffic improvement and road construction to alleviate urban traffic pressure. We should implement the Traffic Education Year to enhance the society’s awareness of safety and traffic laws and regulations. We should carry out fully the eight measures for solving the problems of traffic congestion; further improve the level of traffic control and management, quicken our steps to ease and remove traffic bottlenecks; create smooth mini-traffic circulation by making better use of the side roads. We should speed up the construction of the “One Horizontal and Eight Vertical” urban trunk road network and the urban rail transport system. We must ensure the completion this year of Phase I of Shenzhen Metro and the main section of Phase I of the Nanping (Nanshan-Pingshan) Expressway, and realize an overall improvement of Shenzhen’s traffic conditions. We should accelerate the construction of the extended sections of Shenzhen Metro Line 1 and Line 4 and the preliminary work of Shenzhen Metro Line 2 and Line 3, and strengthen the traffic planning to unclog the eastern and western port areas. We should appropriately lower the development intensity in central urban areas, rationally work out the layout of city functions, and improve urban planning to facilitate the life of residents and relieve traffic pressure in central urban areas. We should upgrade the public transport network to cover the whole city, accelerate the construction of passenger transport hubs, and provide residents with safe and comfortable public transport services. We should build as soon as possible an enduring mechanism to prevent traffic accidents, with responsibilities clearly defined for everyone concerned and preventative measures implemented at grass-roots level.

We must carry out thoroughly the comprehensive improvement of public order to ensure social tranquility and stability. We should continue the special Strike Hard anti-crime campaign, further improve the network of police stationing, reinforce road patrols, attach high priority to the crackdown on frequently recurring crimes such as road bag snatches and robberies, serious and violent crimes, and organized crime. We should strengthen the management of rented houses and floating population. We should implement the public order responsibility system for owners of rented houses and the crime investigation system of investigating the responsibility of owners of rented houses if crimes are committed in the rented houses. In accordance with the policy of integrating crackdowns with prevention but giving priority to prevention, we should improve the crime prevention and control system in an all-round way, establish the public order responsibility system for leaders of units, enterprises, communities, townships and villages, and improve the police-civilian joint prevention and control network and the mechanism of relying on the masses for prevention and control. We should advance the specialization of the police forces and improve their management system and operational mechanism. We should also rationalize the locations of police stations, intensify community policing and enhance the grass-roots public order management capabilities. This year, we should increase police numbers by 3,000 to reinforce the frontline. We should strengthen the police forces, insist on strict administration of and provide preferential treatment to the police force, and further rectify the security guard forces. We should establish and improve the early warning mechanism to maintain social stability, strengthen civic mediation, create new ways of mediation and foster professional civic mediation organizations to promptly discover and remove various destabilizing factors. We should attach great importance to correspondence and consultation with the people, timely solve people’s problems to effectively prevent mass incidents. We should enhance the building of the production safety system and step up adjusting the layout of warehouses of dangerous materials, gasoline and liquefied gases to eliminate potential safety hazards, and strive to avoid big or especially big accidents in the work place for the whole year.

2. Optimize Structure, Improve Efficiency, Vigorously Promote Industrial Development and Create New Advantages for Industrial Development.

We should speed up the development of the three pillar industries, and further strengthen the high-tech, modern logistics and financial service industries. We should take advantage of international industrial relocations and improve existing industrial chains of high technology. We should also accelerate the development of leading-edge technology and products like the new generation Internet, digital audio and video products, flat-panel displays, integrated circuits and 3G mobile technology. We should take advantage of the emerging opportunities in the upgrading of audio and video products, which is led by digital multimedia technology, and in the application of IT to home appliances, and consolidate our strengths in IT industries. We should accelerate the development of emerging industries like biomedicine, new materials and new energy. We should further improve the regional innovation system, pool the city’s funding for technological development and scientific research to improve its efficiency, and build a advanced public technological platform and an incubation base for high technology. We should actively support local enterprises’ technological innovation, and give priority to the development of technology enterprises, large and important innovation projects, key laboratories, engineering centers, technological centers of enterprises, science and technology information networks and databases. We should strengthen the planning, building and project introduction of the high-tech industrial belt, and tighten our control on land resources. We should take back land resources that are long left undeveloped for better use and help construction sites that are long left uncompleted to change their functions and get completed. We should develop these land resources step by step and area by area. We will vigorously implement the projects of “workshop reengineering and industrial replacement” in a bid to renovate old, empty workshops and use them primarily to develop the software industry and scientific and technological incubators.

We should vigorously develop modern logistics. We should complete five new deep-water berths and increase our container handling capacity by 1.3 million TEUs. We should accelerate the preparatory work and the construction of major projects such as the expansion of the Yantian Container Terminals, Phase III of the Shekou Container Terminals, Phase I of the Dachan Bay Container Terminals and the Tonggu Channel. We should promote combined of shipping and rail transport and strengthen economic interaction with the southwestern and other regions in the country so as to enhance the radiating functions of Shenzhen Port and further raise our position as an international port hub. We will push forward the expansion of the Futian Free Trade Zone and the joint operation between the Yantian port area and the Yantian Port Free Trade Zone. We should strengthen services in port trade, transit trade and international logistics. We should accelerate the development of the six logistics parks and foster a group of pillar third-party logistics companies and the international freight forwarding market. We should continue to introduce large nationally and internationally well-known companies and groups to set up procurement and distribution centers in the city. We should further advance the development of digital port services for faster customs clearance, and develop a uniform, shared, secure and highly efficient information platform to improve the application of IT in the logistics sector.




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