朱镕基总理记者招待会 (1)

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Premier Zhu in Press Conference(1)

朱镕基总理记者招待会 (1)

朱彤:As for the tasks of this government,as a matter of fact,in the report delivered to the Fifteenth National Congress of the Communist Party last year,President Jiang Ze-min already identified in very explicit terms,and the speeches of President Jiang Ze-min and the Chairman Li Peng made just now at the closing ceremony of the National People's Congress also provided in very specific terms for the tasks for the government.

朱彤:If you expect me to give you some specifics,then I can just make a generalization of the tasks that this government is expected to accomplish.One assurance,three put-into-place and five reforms.

朱彤:With regard to the first insure as we are now faced with the *formidable challenges due to the financial crisis in Southeast Asia,so we must insure that the economic growth rate of China for this year must reach eight percent.And China's inflation must be lower than three percent and China's RMB cannot devaluate.

朱彤:This is an objective that we must obtain because that will have a bearing not only in the development of China but also on the *prosperity and stability of the entire Asia.

朱彤:The main means that we will adopt to obtain objective is to increase domestic demand.

朱镕基: 由于我们最近几年宏观调控的成功,采取了适当从紧的财政和货币政策,控制了货币的发行,我们的通货膨胀速度很低,通货膨胀的指数很低。因此我们有可能拿出较多的财力来刺激国内的需求。我讲的这个需求就是加强基础设施建设,铁路、公路、农田、水利、市政、环保设施等等方面的建设,加强高新技术的建设,加强现有企业的技术改造,提高国民经济的需求。
朱彤:Thanks to the success in the macroregulation and the control efforts over the past several years and also a moderately tight monetary and fiscal policy that we have adopted,we have effectively controlled the currency issue over the years and the inflation index has been kept at a low level.So,given these good conditions,we have the possibility of *channeling more financial resources to *stimulate the domestic demand.By stimulatin domestic demand,I mean we will increase investment in the construction of infrastructures such as highways,railways,and also the farmland construction and water *conservancy facilities and municipal facilities and environmental protection facilities.We are also increasing investment in the high and the new technology industries and in the technical *upgrading of the exisitng enterprises.So,all in all,we are to increase the demand of the whole national economy.

朱彤:Of course,another important area is the housing development,because that will be a new growth point in China's national economy.

朱彤:By three put-into-place,I mean first put-into-place,that is,we have decided to enable most large and medium-size state-owned enterprises to be lifted from their current difficult situations in about three-year's time,and then to establish a modern enterprise system in these enterprises.That is to say,we must do this job well in three year's time.

朱彤:Secondly,last year at the national conference on the financial work,a decision was adopted to make thorough reform in China's financial system.That is to say ,the central bank of China must increase and step up its *supervision and regulation functions,and the commercial banks must operate *independently.This objective should also be obtained before the end of this century.

朱彤:Thirdly,that's concerning the reorganization of the government institutions.According to the program on the reorganization of the institutions of the central government adopted by the current *session of the National People's Congress,the number of ministries and commissions under the state consul has been reduced from 40 to 29,and we plan to cut half of the working staff working in the government institutions in three-year's time.And *correspondingly,the local governments at various levels are also expected to achieve this reorganization in three-year's time.

朱彤:I'd like to call your attention here,by three years I'm referring to the redirection of the half of the government *functionaries to the posts,to their final posts.But to *redirect these people from their original post actually can be completed before the end of this year.You know,after the new government takes office,we will first determine the size and the posts and the number of the new government institutions and,uh,but for the half of these redirected people,to be assigned to their new jobs.to their new posts,it will take three-year's time.As you can understand,they need to be retrained and their own personal wishes should also be taken into account,so that they can be assigned to the posts in which they can best display their *competence and their skill,so that will take a fairly long time.But with regard to the *reorganization of the government institutions,that can be accomplished within this year.