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Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao met the press
?牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐犗? 港

Hong Kong is an inalienable part of China. Since ancient times, our ancestors lived and labored on this land. Historically from the Qing Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty, China exercised jurisdiction and sovereignty over Hong Kong. In mid-19th century after launching two Opium Wars, Britain forced the corrupt and incompetent Qing govemment to sign the unequal treaties. In 1898, Britain occupied the entire Hong Kong region.
On July 1, 1997, Hong Kong finally returned to the motherland. It has a population of 6.3 million.

Hong Kong compatriots have a glorious patriotic tradition.
The basic policies of one country, two systems, Hong Kong people administering Hong Kong and a high degree of autonomy will remain unchanged.
Hong Kong will continue to retain its status of functioning as an international financial center
In future Hong Kong, everyone will be given an equal right for competition

?牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牥? 门
自古以来,澳门就是中国的领土。我们的祖先很早就开始在澳门生活。16世纪中期,葡萄牙人行贿中国朝廷官员,获准借澳门暂住。19世纪鸦片战争前,葡萄牙人已完全控制了澳门。1887年 清政府被迫签订了不平等的《中葡条约》。

Macao is historically Chinese territory and the ancestors of the Chinese people started to live in Macao as early as the New Stone Age. During the mid-16th century, the Portuguese bribed Chinese officials and obtained permission to live on the Macao Peninsula temporarily. In the 19th century, the Portuguese took full control over Macao in the wake of the Opium War. In 1887, the Qing Government was forced to sign an unequal treaty and Portuguese stayed in Macao permanently.
In 1987, China and Portugal signed the Sino=Portuguese Joint Declaration which declared Macao is Chinese territory and that the Chinese Government would resume the exercise of sovereignty over it from December20, 1999. It now has a population of about 450,000.

Macao's return will end years of humiliating foreign rule over Chinese land.
Macao society is a blend of Chinese and Western cultures and acts as a bridge linking the two sides of the Taiwan Straits.

?牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐犔? 湾
Taiwan is an inalienable part of China. In 1895, through a war of aggression against China, Japan forced the Qing Government to sign the unequal Treaty of Shimonoseki, and forcibly occupied Taiwan. In 1945, the Chinese Government recovered Taiwan, resuming the exercise of sovereignty over Taiwan.
Taiwan has a population of about 20.94 million.
The one-China principle is the basis and prerequisite for achieving peaceful reunification
Any question can be discussed under one-China principle.
The people of the whole of China cannot allow the resolution of the Taiwan issue to be dragged on indefinitely
The election of a new leader in Taiwan cannot change the fact that Taiwan is part of Chinese territory
Our guideline for solving the Taiwan question is "peaceful reunification and the one country, two systems"
The Taiwanese authorities must abandon "two states" statement

方针(Major Policies)
One country, two systems.
Hong Kong people administer Hong Kong
Macao people administer Macao
One-China principle
Peaceful reunification of the motherland
a high degree of autonomy


基本观点(Basic Viewpoints)
Development is the main principle
Deepen reform and strengthen and improve macro-control
In the process of China's modernization, we must always work for material progress and at the same time for cultural and ethical progress
The deepened reform has injected a flow of fresh vitality into our national economic and social development.
The market is unplanned and has its limitations.
The reform of state-owned enterprises is the principal task of the on-going economic restructuring
We must continue an omni-directional, multilevel and wide-range opening to the outside world.
The national economy is notably more market-oriented and socialized.

Study Deng Xiaoping Theory deeply
To rule the country, first rule the Party, and with a strong hand
Work harder to build an honest government, punish graft and corruption
Let the Lei Feng spirit be in your heart year-round
We are faced with both a rare opportunity and grave challenges.
Practice is the sole criterion for judging truth.
Encourage domestic demand and promote prosperity.
Protect the earth's environment-the homeland of all mankind.
Protecting environment is every citizen's responsibility and moral duty.
Preserve the green mountains and clear rivers for posterity
Control air pollution and bring back city's blue sky!
The polluter should pay.
Our entire society should be involved in the effort to find new jobs for laid-off workers.
Laid-off employees should take full advantage of retraining programs.
Lay offs are a great liberation of productive forces - give yourself a chance to make a fresh choice.
Consumer buying can build up the economy.
China's entry into the WTO is in the best interest of both the Chinese and Americans.
Chinese and Americans should strengthen mutual understanding and promote the positions they share.
Don't buy pirated goods. Protect intellectual property rights.
Value your own life-stay away from drugs.
Don't let smoking take years away from your life.
Say no to drugs. Don't gamble your life away.
Less homework for our children - give school kids more free time.
Use tourism as a bridge and promote the friendship between people from different countries.
Say goodbye to lawless driving, ensure the smooth flow of traffic.
Efforts should be made to deepen the educational reform and promote the qualification-oriented education in an all-round way.
The government should be strict with itself in carrying out its official duties in accordance with the law and try to be honest, diligent, pragmatic and efficient.
Development is the absolute principle.
We must practice strict economy and combat extravagance.


基本观点(Basic Viewpoints)
Since China launched the strategy of developing the country's west, various ministries and commissions under the Central Government have gone into action. Many of them have adopted new measures for supporting the western region development program.
The Government will give preferential policies to increase financial input to the western region.
The state will issue long-term government loans to the western region.
In developing the west, new ideas and mechanisms should be adopted.
The state will soon stage a series of policy measures in relation to western region development.


基本观点(Basic Viewpoints)
We should continue to deepen financial reform, rectify financial order, tighten financial supervision and regulation by law and improve performance.
In accordance with the principle of prudent operation , financial institutions should their support for economic development.
We should take better advantage of the role of monetary policy.
We should further standardize and develop securities market so that enterprises will be able to increase the proportion of direct financing.
We should strive to solve the problem of farmers having difficulty taking out loans.


基本观点(Basic Viewpoints)
Awaken the whole nation to the importance of environmental protection.
China has stipulated and revised the relevant laws on water air and solid waste pollution, laying the foundation for achieving sustainable development.
Protect the earth's environment -- the homeland of all mankind.
Protecting the environment is every citizen's responsibility and moral duty.
The attention to environment issue has become an irreversible historical trend.
Practical measures need to be taken to improve the environment.
All factories must meet discharge standards by the end of 2000.
By 2010, our country expects to curb environmental deterioration in the cities and villages.
To avoid ruining the environment in the west, strict supervision of economic development and construction in the western areas is necessary.


基本观点(Major Viewpoints)
Since reform and opening up, China has found a road for the promotion and development of human rights that suits its realty.
Put the rights to subsistence and development in the first place and under the conditions of reform. Development and stability, promote human rights development in an overall way.
We have every reason to believe that China's human rights situation will continue to improve.
China attaches great importance to the protection of the citizen's labour and social security rights.
A re-employment project aiming at solving the problems of the jobless and the laid-off worker was initiated in 1994.
The right of Chinese citizens to receive education has been further guaranteed.
China always advocates dialogue and opposes confrontation in the field of human rights.
China family opposes the idea of "human rights above sovereignty".
China's stand on the human rights issue is clear and consistent, that it strongly object to any attempt to interfere in the internal affairs of other nations using human rights as a pretext.




Both China and the United States exert a considerable influence in the world, and the two peoples wish to maintain and develop healthy and stable ties. There ere both common interests and differences between China and the United States. The three Sino-US Joint Communiques were signed in Shanghai in 1972.President Jiang Zemin visited the United States in late 1997, President Bill Clinton paid a 9-day visit to China in 1998. The key to the healthy and steady development of Sino-US ties is strictly abiding by the principles' set in the three Sino-US Joint
Communiques. At present, China and the United States will continue to work together to set up a constructive strategic partnership.




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