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对知识的渴望 thirst for knowledge

注入新的活力  inject new vitality into

清除进步之路上的障碍 eradicate the obstacles in the way of progress

解放人们的思想  liberate people’s mentality

寻求变革 call for transformation

传承了 hand down from

舒缓压力 relieve the tension

建立一种团结合作的精神 build a sense of unity

无形之中对自己的教育形成了约束力 lay more stress on education itself

自律,自尊  self-discipline self-esteem=self-worth  

加强了学校的安全 intensify the school safety

强制校服的穿戴  mandatory uniform wearing

校风,归属感  school ethos, sense of belonging  attainment

有助于提升学校的水平 facilitate to drive up academic standard

叛逆,粗鲁的行为  rebellious rude behaviors

没有个性的生活是没有意义的  our lives without individualism (uniqueness) is meaningless

压制学生的个人自由  suppress restriction on students’ personal freedom

栽培 cultivate 学术的辉煌 academically eminent and socially responsible talent

生活实践的琐事  practical affairs of life  人际关系的技巧 interpersonal skill

老练的工人 senior worker  做事情懂得轻重缓急 get one’s priority right, prioritize

如今,数量激增的学院毕业生,困惑于在社会中寻找正确的位置,当他们即将离开学校的时候。 Currently, the college graduated in soaring number put themselves in a perplexity of seeking a position (posts) when the time comes for them to leave school

严酷的现实  harsh reality   未成年人,孩子 Minor, offspring, descendant

有很高的评价 put a high premium on  

经得起时间的考虑 stand the test of time, time honored

有着密切的联系 be entwined with  文化和历史的精髓 essence of history and culture

取其精华,去其糟粕 assimilate the essence and reject dross

去伪存真 eliminate the false and retain the true

的温床 hotbed for… 竭尽全力做…go all out to… 采取主动做… take initiative in doing

向某人传授,使某人了解  initiate sb into  总的特征 general feature

赋予一种能力 endow…with an ability of

过早的接触这样的信息  premature contact with such information

虚幻但迷人的世界(虚拟世界)illusive but intriguing… 包罗万象的,全面的 comprehensive

入歧途 lead to astray  痴迷于网络 children’s infatuation with 

有着可喜的结果 bear pleasant result   完全的信任 implicit trust

填鸭式教育 stuffing children’s heads full of knowledge

注定是…can only be in for

社会的缩影 a true version of society in miniature  课外 extracurricular

的时候… when it comes for sb…

风靡全球 sweep around the world 

迎合社会的需求 gear to the social demand  (attune to)落后 lag behind

有着直接的联系 has a direct bearing on  突然出现的问题 problems may crop up

划时代的科学地理发现 epoch-making scientific and geographical discovery

塑造爱好 Shape one’s inclination 成熟人的思想 mature one’s thoughts

拓宽某人的眼界 widen one’s horizon 丰富某人的个性 enrich one’s personality

全方面的接受教育 receive education in all aspects  全面的奖赏 all-round reward…

惊人的贡献 Startling contribution  深远的社会洞察力profound insight of the world

最有才气的科学巨头  most brilliant scientific giant  

决定了某人的一生 dominate one’s life  真正有用的东西real asset

提供了大量的机会 furnish a variety of opportunity  

知识的集中 convergence of knowledge 

课外活动 extracurricular activities

心智上的发展 develop both psychologically and intellectually

拓展了知识面 expand children’s scope of knowledge , broaden/enrich one’s knowledge

培养优良的道德品质 foster fine quality and morality

教育等级的破坏 devaluing of education

任务机器 task doer

有更大的压力 lay a great burden on …

有逆反心理: a counter-reactional tendency

体味劳动者的艰辛 taste the bitterness of arduous labor

从事的职业 take up+职业

凡夫俗子 a man born of woman

毫不迟疑的接受 embrace without hesitation






迷信 superstitious beliefs 

崇拜 worship

非常重要的一部分 an indispensable part of …

一个非常致命的错误 a fatal mistake  维持社会秩序 maintain the social order

保住社会进步的果实 safeguard the fruits of social advances

在很多方面是有害的 detrimental in many prospects

优良的传统  fine tradition 坚持传统 adhere to the tradition  

性别主义的受害者 victim of sexism

不可估量的损失 immeasurable losses



蒙蔽 be blinded by

使蒙羞 bring shame on sb

投身做…commit oneself to do

职业道德 occupation moral





过多的沉迷于电脑 too much indulgence in the computer 

人类关系的恶化 deterioration of human relationship

饮食习惯 dietary habit  营养的不均衡 an imbalance of nutrition

享受盛宴 enjoy the festivity 

感染某疾病 contact a disease



About 马斯诺 demand

强制性的消费 conspicuous consumption

灾难性的结果 disastrous consequence

收支平衡 balance income and expenditure

铜臭味 a stink of money

关注短期利益 care for the immediate interests

价值体系 value system

快节奏的现代化生活 fast-paced modern life




About science


恶性肿瘤malignant cancers



引进新的科技和技术 introduce new science and technology

促进和普及新产品 promote and popularize new products

产品的最大选择范围 the maximum choice of products

对自然的爱 a love for nature

快节奏的现代化生活 fast-paced modern life… keep abreast with

不断加速更新的 ever-accelerated updating of

有着很大的技术难度 pose major technological hurdles




About media

过多的沉迷于电脑 too much indulgence in the computer 

变的与社会接触 come into contact with...society

及时的反馈 instant feedback

信息相互的交流 mutual exchanges of information

传播知识和信息 spread knowledge and information

无限的存储量 unlimited storing capacity


历史上的最大 climb at an unprecedented rate

有着紧密的联系 be entwined with

罪犯criminal  犯罪行为 criminality  强奸 rape

榜样 role models=the soul of sth

社会的阴暗面 social evil

好奇 be curious about

有很强的判断力 没有判断力 hardly have the sense to…

洗脑 brain washing

出版业 press industry

快节奏的现代化生活 fast-paced modern life


Build the city

大受欢迎,深入人心 find one’s way into people’s heart

享受广泛的应用 enjoy a wide application



About tourism

对自然的爱  A love for nature

自然资源 natural resources

环保的 environmentally friendly

一个新的观念的转变 new shift in the concept ofshift one’s ground





占优势 prevail over   万能的,全能的,无所不能的 omnipotent  满足的需求cater to

大显身手 go a long way in  由某人负责,取决于 rest with sb  基于… rest on

完全信任 implicit trust  遭遇了…be confronted with  confrontation friction

赋予了…be endowed with   灭绝 die out/ vanish  跟上的步伐 keep abreast with

兑现承诺:honor one’s commitment…

使成为必须 necessitate  很有必要性 be of great necessity

的责任 it lies with sb to do…

主动性和热情性: initiative and enthusiasm

任务机器 task doer 有更大的压力 lay a great burden on

长处和短处 strengths and weakness

更深的理解 further understand

很强的趋势 an irresistible trend of.

全面的发展 overall development

早期 at and early age

忙于做 be preoccupied with

共存 coexist well to supplement each other

激烈的争辩 a controversial dabate as to…

世俗的switch to more mundane worries

载体 vehicle 












套句:表明立场which is of course welcomed by me…

      表明否定 hardly…

      具有 be of…

      表面上来说 on the surface of…


先抑后扬:Admittedly, …is essential for …,but it is by no means the only…

言之有物:…, as a significant… has brought itself to wide recognition and undeniable high social status…




It has been a good year for…

Millennium epoch

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