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data              n. facts or information used in deciding or discussing sth

debate           n. formal argument or discussion of a question, eg at a public meeting or

in Parliament, with two or more opposing speakers, and often ending in a vote

decade            n. period of ten years

decline            v.  say `no' to (sth); refuse (sth offered), usu politely

deduce            v. ~ sth arrive at (facts, a theory, etc) by reasoning; infer sth

define             v.  ~ sth state precisely the meaning of (eg words)

definite           adj. clear; not doubtful

demonstrate       v.  ~ sth (to sb) show sth clearly by giving proof or evidence

denote              v. be the name, sign or symbol of (sth); refer to

deny                 v.  say that (sth) is not true

depress            v.  make sad and without enthusiasm

derive              v.  ~ sth from sth obtain sth from sth; get sth from sth

design             n.  ~ (for sth) drawing or outline from which sth may be made

despite            prep  without being affected by

detect             v. discover or recognize that (sth) is present

deviate            v. ~ from sth stop following

device             n.  thing made or adapted for a special purpose

devote             v. ~ oneself/sth to sb/sth give to sb/sth; dedicate  ;

differentiate      v.  ~ between A and B; ~ A (from B) see or show (two things) to be

different; show sth to be different (from sth else)

dimension         n.  measurement of any sort

diminish           v.  become smaller or less; decrease

discrete            adj. separate; distinct

discriminate      v.  ~ ~ A from B see or make a difference (between two things)

displace           v.  move from the usual or correct place

display            v. ~ sth  put sth on show

dispose            v. place(sb/sth) in a suitable way; arrange

distinct            adj.  easily heard, seen, felt or understood; definite

distort             v.  pull or twist out of its usual shape

distribute        v.  ~ sth separate sth into parts and give a share to each person or thing

diverse              adj. of different kinds; varied

document         n. paper, form, book, etc giving information about sth, evidence or proof of sth

domain            n.  lands owned or ruled by a nobleman, government, etc

domestic          adj.  of the home, household or family

dominate          v.  have control of or a very strong influence on (people, events, etc)

draft               n.  rough preliminary written version of sth

drama             n.  play for the theatre, radio or TV

duration          n.  time during which sth lasts or continues

dynamic           adj.  of power or forces that produce movement

economy           n.  avoidance of waste (of money, strength, time, resources, etc)

edit                v.  prepare for publication, eg in a book, newspaper, or magazine

element           n.  ~ necessary or characteristic part of sth

eliminate         v.  ~ sb/sth remove (esp sb/sth that is not wanted or needed)

emerge             v. ~  come out or up (from water, etc)

emphasis          n. force or stress given to a word or words when spoken, to make the

 meaning clear or to show importance

empirical         adj. based on observation or experiment, not on theory

enable             v.  make able to do sth by giving him the necessary authority or means

encounter        v.  meet or find oneself faced by (sth/sb unpleasant, dangerous, difficult, etc)

energy             n.  ability to act or work with strength and eagerness

enforce            v.  ~ sth force people to obey (a law, etc); make sth effective

enhance           v. increase make (sb/sth) look better

enormous          adj. very large; immense

ensure             v.  make sure; guarantee

entity               n.  thing with distinct and real existence

environment       n.  conditions, circumstances, etc affecting people's lives

equate              v. ~ sth consider sth as equal or equivalent (to sth else)

equip              v. ~ sb/sth (with sth) supply sb/sth (with what is needed, for a particular purpose)

equivalent        adj. ~ equal in value, amount, meaning, importance, etc

erode             v. destroy or wear (sth) away gradually

error             n.  thing done wrongly; mistake

establish         v.  set up on a firm or permanent basis

estate            n.  area of land, esp in the country, with one owner

estimate          n.  judgement or calculation of the approximate size, cost, value, etc of sth

ethic              n.  system of moral principles; rules of conduct

ethnic            adj.  of a national, racial or tribal group that has a common cultural tradition

evaluate          v. find out or form an idea of the amount or value of (sb/sth); assess

eventual          adj. happening at last as a result; ultimate

evident           adj. ~ (that...) obvious (to the eye or mind); clear

evolve            v.  (cause to) develop naturally and (usu) gradually

exceed            v. be greater or more numerous than (esp a quantity)

exclude           v.  ~ sb/sth prevent sb from entering somewhere, taking part in sth, etc;

keep sb out

exhibit           n.  object or collection of objects displayed for the public, eg in a museum

expand            v.  ~ (into sth) (cause sth to) become greater in size, number or importance

expert            n. ~ person with special knowledge, skill or training in a particular field

explicit          adj.  (of a statement, etc) clearly and fully expressed

exploit           n. brave or adventurous deed or action

export            n.  exporting

expose            v.  uncover or make (sth) visible; display

external          adj.  outside; situated on the outside of sth (esp the body)

extract           v. ~ sth  take or get sth out, usu with effort or by force

facilitate        v. (of an object, a process, etc but not of a person) make (sth) easy or less difficult

factor             n.  fact, circumstance, etc that helps to produce a result

feature           n.  one of the named parts of the face (eg nose, mouth, eyes) which

together form its appearance

federal          adj.  of or relating to a form of government or a country in which power is

divided between one central and several regional government

fee               n.  (usu pl ) amount paid for professional advice or service, eg to private

teachers, doctors, etc

file               n. metal tool with a rough surface for cutting, smoothing or shaping

ard substances

final             adj.  of the end; coming last

finance           n.  management of money

finite            adj.  having bounds; limited; not infinite

flexible          adj.  that can bend easily without breaking

fluctuate         v. ~  (of a price, number, rate, etc) rise and fall; change irregularly

focus             n. =>Usage at data data.  point at which rays (of light, sound, etc)

meet or from which theyappear to come

format            n.  shape, size, binding, etc of a book

formula           n. (chemistry ) set of symbols showing the elements that a substance is

made of

forthcoming       adj.  about to happen or appear in the near future

foundation        n.  act of founding

founded           [ find: ] to meet with or discover by chance

framework         n.  structure giving shape and support

function           n.  special activity or purpose of a person or thing

fund                 n.  sum of money saved or made available for a particular purpose

fundamental       adj.  of or forming the basis or foundation of sth; essential

furthermore        adv. in addition; moreover ;

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