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白羊座 3.21-4.19

This is a busy, fun month! Both Venus and Mars continue to be in Aries giving you a juxtaposition of opposing influences. Venus makes you gracious, charming and oh so diplomatic. It also makes you appear very attractive to others. By contrast, Mars makes you aggressive, assertive, bold and sexy! You\'re quick to defend your rights and beliefs. One influence does not negate the other. They work in tandem. Therefore, during this busy month of short trips, errands, and increased reading and writing, you can easily tell someone off, and then (voila!) instantly woo them back into your good graces. (An old Aries trick.)


金牛座 4.20-5.20

Now you\'re into money, possessions, earnings, major expenditures, cash flow and searching for loose change under sofa cushions. Basically, you\'re giving thought to what you value. Well, we know what you value: you like good food, good wine, good sex and a nice place to live! (Every time I tell this to a Taurus, they invariably say, \"Doesn\'t everyone?\") You\'re focused on possessions, deciding what you need versus what is baggage. You\'re weighing things. You want to make sure you own your possessions, and they don\'t own you. Secret love affairs and exciting trysts are compelling.


双子座 5.21-6.21

It\'s your turn to recharge your batteries for the rest of the year. With the Sun in your sign, you\'re empowered, confident and enthusiastic about life. This month you attract opportunities and people to you. It\'s appropriate to put yourself first now. (After all, it\'s all about you!) You have a strong need to express yourself to others. Since it\'s the beginning of your new personal year (birthday to birthday) ask yourself what you want to achieve this year? Travel, higher education, publishing, the media, medicine and the law are beautifully blessed. Privately, you still seek to secure a reliable, cozy home base.


巨蟹座 6.22-7.22

You need solace. Work behind the scenes or work alone. Your birthday is a month away making this the perfect time to ponder how your life is unfolding. How well are you doing at the art of living? Look back over your shoulder at this last year. What pleases you? Do you wish things were different? With Venus and Mars at high noon in your chart, bosses, parents, teachers and VIPs are prepared to help you, in no small measure because they acknowledge your ambition and assertiveness! Romance with a teacher, boss or someone older or richer is likely. (Oh yeah. A rich partner is a great laboursaving device.)


狮子座 7.23-8.22

You\'re popular! Everyone wants to see your face. Accept all invitations and share your Leo joy with others. Not only is this a wonderful month to enjoy friends, acquaintances, clubs, groups and organizations -- it\'s also a great time to think about your long-term hopes and dreams for the future. Share these ideas with others. Listen to their feedback. Quite likely, their input will cause you to tweak or change your goals. Travel and educational plans are promising. Ditto for opportunities with publishing, the media, medicine and the law. Relations with partners continue to be cozy. But, do get your rest. It\'s party city, and you\'re writing cheques your body can\'t cash!


处女座 8.23-9.22

The Sun is at high noon in your chart. Everyone notices you, especially parents, bosses, teachers and VIPs. (Take note -- this also includes the police.) Your high viz. position commands respect. People think you\'re hot! Why not make the most of this and go for baroque. You feel sexy, sensuous and passionate. Intimacy is transcendent -- the stuff of movies and soul mates. Money, favours and perks can come to you now. You benefit from others! (Mom always liked you best.) Allow extra time for travel, education and publishing because here is where you encounter delays. Oy vey.


天秤座 9.23-10.22

You want a change of scenery. You want new places, new faces and adventure! You also want to learn something new and exciting. You need to raise the bar and seek a fuller, more enriched life. I suggest you go someplace you\'ve never been to before. Explore new territory. Meanwhile, be extra patient with partners and close friends because Mars is opposite you. Fortunately, fair Venus is there to soften the blow, make amends and repair bruised feelings. Since this year is your chance to party and enjoy yourself! Remember: the day after tomorrow, is the second day of the rest of your life.


蝎子座 10.23-11.21

You\'re extremely intense and passionate this month. Life is black-and-white. You either love something or you hate it. You feel intense about shared property, debt, taxes, insurance matters and inheritances. You\'re determined to sort things out and gain closure. Meanwhile, back at home, you\'re on a self-improvement kick. You\'re on a diet; working out; and buying self-help books. (This sunny weather is the time to show some skin - not flab. Aaagggh!) Life is never fair. Ex-partners demand lots of attention. Fortunately, you\'re super charged at work, and this is where coworkers are supportive. Seek rewards from your work. (Sigh.)


射手座 11.22-12.21

This is the only time all year when the Sun is directly opposite your sign. This means you need more sleep than usual because the Sun is your source of energy, and it\'s as far way is it can get all year. This opposition of the Sun also focuses your attention on partners and close friends. During the next 4-6 weeks, consider it an opportunity to learn more about yourself, and your style of relating to those who are closest to you. Glitches, delays and mistakes on-the-job continue to frustrate. But parties, romance, love affairs, vacations, sports and playful times with children are sweet and rewarding! Give yourself permission to have fun.


摩羯座 12.22-1.19

This month you\'re serious, conscientious, responsible and grown-up. You want to be as efficient and effective as possible in everything you do. Don\'t worry; you haven\'t lost your humour or your sense of joie de vivre. You\'re simply motivated to pull your act together and get organized at work, at home and at school. Great! No pain, no gain. That\'s life. Big changes due to renovations, visiting guests and redecorating projects at home might create tension with family members. Be patient. You can improve where you live. Note: ex-lovers are back on the scene. Yikes! (Keep your head down and your powder dry.)


水瓶座 1.20-2.18

It\'s fun city for you this month. Love affairs, flirtations, vacations, parties, sports, playful activities with children, the theatre, and the arts are wonderful sources of pleasure and excitement. Make time for fun! We all know life goes in cycles. Sometimes work is a priority; sometimes you have to play. This month is all about pleasure and romance! You can discover ways to express your own creativity. Just let it all hang out! Dance like no one is watching. It\'s an excellent time for to sell, act, teach, write, edit and communicate to others. (It\'s also a great time for drivers - taxis and buses.) Don\'t confuse your career with your life.


双鱼座 2.19-3.20

This month highlights home, family and domestic matters. In fact, if you can find some quiet time at home to be by yourself, you\'ll love it. Memories of your childhood might bubble to the surface of your mind. (You need time to process some of this or simply savour it.) Discussions with parents are significant. It\'s a strong month to earn money - which is a good thing because you\'re certainly spending it! You can\'t avoid mixed up communications and transportation delays. Allow extra time for these glitches, and demonstrate grace under pressure. After all, what sign has more grace and style than you? You are the master of illusion because you know life is all smoke and mirrors.



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