a sad woman

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She is a woman of 38-years old. She lives unhappily.She has no words to her husband,but she loves her son .She wants to leave him,but....What should she do ? [s:6]
  • Henry [] ,2005-07-10
    maybe she needs some communication with her husband, at least she loved him once...
  • hellen6299 [四级英语] ,2005-07-10
    They don't say any words each other .They just quarrial each other .how ?
  • Henry [] ,2005-07-10
    If they want to save the family, they have to talk with each other; if they don't want to conitue with each other, maybe a divorce is a kind of best way to solve all problems, but it will surely leave the child a cruel reality to face.
  • hellen6299 [四级英语] ,2005-07-14
    Yes!And she doesn't want to work with him together .thanks for your advice.
  • Henry [] ,2005-07-14
    Hope everything goes well with the poor child...
  • hellen6299 [四级英语] ,2005-07-16
    Thanks! I think the boy isn't poor ,he is happy.He hates his father in fact.(not really)



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