a bright girl

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She is a bright girl ,but lazy .She always wants to be a good girl.She likes English,but she is shy and is afraid of speaking English .How to help her?Thanks !
  • smallq [四级英语] ,2005-07-11
    then she should come here to speak more.
  • hellen6299 [四级英语] ,2005-07-14
    thanks .it is me .hehe can you help me ?
  • hellen6299 [四级英语] ,2005-07-16
    Why is there no one wants to help me ?
  • ibsyou [四级英语] ,2005-08-07
    Most of the English learners are afraid of speaking English.Thus,you just have to try.It's hard in the begginning,but it will be easier after you try it again and again. [s:1]
  • admin [四级英语] ,2005-08-11
    what can I do for you ? maybe, you can Qme ,392999041.
  • hellen6299 [四级英语] ,2005-08-14
    Thanks very much.
  • rain_star [四级英语] ,2005-08-17
    you are a lovely girl. if you want to improve your english ,you must speak english very often.if you are shy,you can speak english in the place where there is nobody.but i think you'd best communicate with your classmates or your english teacher.reading is very important. if you can't stand your poor english,there are many useful advice,you can try it. see english movie,read some english story,surf the internet and so on.
  • hellen6299 [四级英语] ,2005-08-18
    Thanks for your advice. And I have already done like what you tell me .
  • hellen6299 [四级英语] ,2005-08-19
    You are very kind to say so ,thanks! And I will try my bert to improve English.
  • rain_star [四级英语] ,2005-08-19
    you are very good!



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