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Questions 1-7
. Read these sentences and the three company plans below.
. Which company does each sentence describe?
. For each sentence mark one letter(A ,B or C)on your Answer Sheet.
To combine its operations in different parts of the world will save a lot of money for the company.
Answer: B

1. The company has businesses in four continents of the world.
2. The company has appointed a new manager in charge of medicines.
3. New automobiles will be developed in its program centers.
4. A reform is being carried out in its organizations.
5. Goods for hair protection makes a lot of money for the company.
6. It tries to be more ready to meet the needs of the customers.
7. The company is made up of fourteen subcompanies all over the world.

To save up to $ 3 billion a year, Ford is merging its manufacturing, sales, and product development operations in North America and Europe-and eventually in Lation America and Asia. And in a move toward a more horizontal organization the company is setting up five program centers with worldwide responsibility in develop new cars and trucks.

Big Blue is reorganizing its marketing and sales operations into 14 worldwide industry groups ,such as banking ,retail ,and insurance. In moving away from an organization based on geography, IBM hopes to eliminate turf wars and make itself more responsive to customers.

Bristol-Meyers Squibb is revamping its consumer business by appointing a new chief responsible for its worldwide consumer medicines business such as Bufferin and Excedrin. The
11, 400 million U. S. dollars drug company also has formed a new unit with worldwide
responsibility for its Clairol and other hair-care products.

Questions 8-12
. Read this proposal about the CPT Word Processor.
. Choose the best sentence from the list A-I to fill each of the blanks.
. Fore

ach blank ( 8 -12) mark one letter(A -I)on your Answer Sheet.
. De not mark any letter twice.
. One answer has been given as an example.

15 June 1993
Ms. Martha Weston
Word Processing Supervisor
ABC Company
Post Office Box 1072
28 King s Street London
Dear Ms. Weston.
Performance of the Cpt Equipment
I m Pleased to tell you about our experience with the CPT Word Processor as you requested recently... ...example ... .. I assume you have looked at several machines and have narrowed down your choices. Here are my observations.
An approach to adopting word processors
Eighteen months ago we adopted CPT equipment on limited scale with the idea in mind that we could gradually get rid of electric typewriters as we became familiar with the word processor. ...... 8 ......The stations are actually in pairs so each pair can share a common printer...... 9......
We use the equipment as dedicated word processors, although we do have the ability to link up with our computer installation.
The step-at-a-time development of our word-processing center has, we think, saved us money and training time. ......10......
In terms of performance , the CPT equipment is excellent. ... ...11.. ...Moreover our service contract and warranty have covered all maintenance costs.
We have software packages that check spelling and signal when a mistake occure. ...... 12 .....Using both printers , we recently prepared 1200 individually typed form letter mailings a under four hours. We have no complaint about our preparation of executive reports.

Example: I

A So it works very well and has so many different functions.
B Also it has reduced the confusion that exists about buying software packages .
C The train stops at each station for only fifteen minutes.
D We began with two work stations and now have four.
E Our routine letters are prepared from disc-stored masters.
F The Rotary W printer with a speed of 45 characters a second can easily handle two input stations.
G In contrast ,its size and weight are ideal for carrying.
H We have not yet experienced mechanical problems so far.
I We are pleased with its performance and multi-functions.



一. 阅读部分
1. A 2. C 3. A 4.B 5. C 6. B 7. B

8. D 9. F 10. B 11. H 12. E

13. E 14. D 15. B 16. F 17. G 18. A 19. D 20. C

21. B 22. A 23.D 24. D 25. A 26.B 27.C 28. A 29.D
30. A 31. B 32.B 33. D 34. C 35.B

Section A
36. must是多余,应删掉.
37. 没有多余的词.
38. solutions是多余,应删掉.
39. able是多余,应删掉.
40. that是多余,应删掉.

Section B
41. simple后面加冒号,去掉that
42. technology应改为techniques
43. particularly应改为particular
44. perfect应改为perfection
45. unlikely 应改为unlike

Question 46
(Sample for reference)
Dear Mr. Beard,
Mr. Lee ,one of my old clients ,has interest in our PCX phone machine. He would like to bring 10 samples and some brochures back home to make a trial sale. You may contact him directly on Tel 3108881.

Question 47
(Sample for reference) .
Nowadays, less people like to spend their holidays at home. More people go camping outside or even travel abroad. The changes are caused mainly by three factors. First ,people become more open. Instead of staying at home, they visit foreign countries to know the different races. Secondly ,in the 1990s , house wives are more free from the heavy housework with more and more household utensils. Families are very happy to spend holidays outside with mothers or wives. Thirdly, traveling abroad can also mean enjoying comfortable weather in another country. Therefore less people go to crowded seaside ,they turn to other ways.

三. 听力部分

1. NO 21 2. 72188155 3. 256KB
4. 3 5. Parker 6. heart
7. April 8. 9:30am 9. motorized
10. 2 11 . Green . 12. 1203
13. B 14. A 15. D
16. G 17. E 18. D
19. B 20. C 21. F
22. H 23. B 24. A
25. C 26. B . 27. A
28. C 29. B 30. A

Business English Certificate 2
Simulated Test
Tape script

Part One.

Questions 1 to 12
Message One.


ons l to 4
M1 : Hello !
F1 : May I speak to Mr. Golden ,please?
M1 : This is he.
F1 : Good morning, Mr. Golden. This is Mary Thomson from INA Industries. Our company is going to buy 3 486 model computers.
M1 : 256K on hard drive models or 256k optional on base models?
F1 : Have you got any suggestions?
M1 : The kind of 256K on hard drive models are suitable for general use. And the 256K
optional on base models is available upon request. It s a bit more expensive.
F1 : I think I will buy the former, 256K hard drive model.
M1 : Ok! When do you want them? We have this computer in stock.
F1 : That s fine. I hope the computers will arrive on Friday morning.
M1 : Friday morning. Where is your company located?
F1 : NO. 21 Rose Street ,near the Fashion Store.
M1 : And your telephone number is. . . . . . ?
F1 : 72188155. Thank you.
M1 : Thank you for your business.

Message Two.

Questions 5 to 8.

F1 : Hello. Springfield Health Center. Can I help you?
M1 : Yes. I d like to speak to Dr. Good man s receptionist ,please.
F1 : Yes .
M1 : This is David Parker. I have been having some chest pains recently.
F1 : Well ,Mr. Parker. What can I do for you?
M1 : I would like to make an appointment to see the doctor.
F1 : Yes. Would Thursday morning suit you?
M1 : Thursday is the 20th of April. Ok. At what time?
F1 : Is 9 : 30 ok for you?
M1 : Yes , that s fine.
F1 : What s your name again please?
M1 : David Parker. D-A-V-I-D , P-A-R-K-E-R.
F1 : Thank you. Dr. Goodman will see you at 9:30 on Thursday.

Message Three.

Questions 9 to 12.
F1 : Good morning ,this is Burt s Bicycle Rental.
M1 : Good morning ,miss. A friend of mine suggested I call you to hire some bikes.
F1 : Oh ,yes. A lot of people do this these days.
M1 : Yes ,we re just on holiday here for a few days and they said it would be a good idea to see the island on bicycle.
F1: Well it certainly is. And most people rent a motor bike because you can get around faster and even go to the beach if you like.
M1 : If I wanted to hire 2 motor bikes tomorrow morning for 2 days ,would there be any problem?
F1 : No problem at all. May I know your name?
M1 : It s Green , G-R-E-E-N.
F1 : And your telephone number?
M1 : I m at the Holiday Sun Hotel. My number is 0708112. I m in Room 1203. By the way ,is your bike rental shop at No. 100 Teckman Street?
F1 : That s right.
M1 : OK ,then , I ll see you tomorrow morning. Thanks a lot.
F1 : I ll see you then.




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