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  一、 词汇和语法(本大题共20小题,每小题1分,共20分)


  1. The time has come for the company to __________ after years of rapid expansion.

  A. consist B. consider

  C. consolidate D. combine

  2. __________ were naturally a musical family .

  A. A Shaw B. The Shaws

  C. The Shaw D. Shaws

  3. Nothing can __________ being unkind to children.

  A. adjust B. reason

  C. justify D. reassure

  4. That kind of shoes are __________ expensive for me.

  A. more B. far more

  C. far too D. much

  5. Next time I __________ there, I’ll ask them about it.

  A. will go B. have gone

  C. am going D. go

  6. His wife, to whom he __________ for thirty years, was childless.

  A. has married B. has been married

  C. had married D. had been married

  7. They are __________ a mass production movement.

  A. firing B. launching

  C. introducing D. presenting

  8. Professor Tate __________ about him .

  A. heard the students to talk B. heard the talk by the students

  C. heard the students talking D. heard the students to talking

  9. __________ some of the suggestions prove of value to you as well?

  A. Could B. Can

  C. Might D. May

  10. The research project has only been under way for three months, so it’s too early to _______its success.

  A. figure B. consider

  C. rate D. evaluate

  11. What do you think of his motion that we __________ a play at the English evening?

  A. should put on B. shall put on

  C. would put on D. will have put on

  12. We can visit your company on Monday or Tuesday, our plans are fairly __________.

  A. flexible B. elastic

  C. supple D. compliant

  13. Nothing can stop us now, __________?

  A. can’t it B. can it

  C. could it D. does it

  14. All of my efforts to__________ peace failed.

  A. reserve B. conserve

  C. persist D. preserve

  15. I was greatly shocked by the way __________ things were done there.

  A. how B. that

  C. as D. which

  16. There is a(n) __________ between logic and metaphysics.

  A. bargain B. treaty

  C. compact D. alliance

  17. Neither of the drivers who are being held by the police__________ whom to blame for his trouble.

  A. know B. knows

  C. to know D. have known

  18. All citizens in this nation are__________ to the law.

  A. subject B. object

  C. exposed D. dependent

  19. I made up my mind that under no circumstances__________ to such principle.

  A. couldn’t I agree B. I couldn’t agree

  C. I could agree D. could I agree

  20. Einstein’s new theory on optics changed__________ scientific idea about light.

  A. technical B. original

  C. classical D. mechanical

  二、 完型填空(本大题共10小题,每小题1分,共10分)


  Jogging is becoming one of the 21 growing activities in the nation. More people are starting jog each year. This, however, is a recent occurrence. It was not long ago 22 joggers were rare sight. Some people thought that they looked quite strange. As 23 people began jogging the sight of them became more common.

  There are many reasons 24 a person to take up jogging. First, it is a good form of exercise. This is 25 it involves the use of many parts of the body. The exercising of the heart is of great benefit. This is one of the most important parts of the human body. If the heart does not get the needed exercise, serious problems can occur.

  26 reason for jogging is for enjoyment. 27 being good for people, it can also be very much fun.

  Part of the fun of jogging comes from the opportunity it provides for meeting other people who enjoy it.

  One 28 that should be considered 29 a person takes up jogging as a form of exercise of enjoyment is that it is not for everyone. People should first check 30 their doctors and be prepared to find another form of exercise if jogging is not recommended.

  21. A. fastest B. quickest C. most D. best

  22. A. when B. while C. that D. as

  23. A. many B. those C. more D. the

  24. A. of B. with C. for D. in

  25. A. that B. why C. reasonable D. because

  26. A. A B. Other C. The other D. Another

  27. A. Except B. Except for C. Besides D. Regardless of

  28. A. matter B. event C. thing D. occurrences

  29. A. of B. that C. what D. when

  30. A. out B. over C. on D. with

  三、 阅读理解(本大题共10小题,每小题2分,共20分)


  Passage 1

  Relaxation therapy ( = treatment). If you read the sentence out loud, your blood pressure will go up. If you talk to another person, it will go still higher. If the talk is with your boss, your pressure will go even higher. If you speak to someone of the opposite sex, your pressure may show less change if you’re married than if you’re single.

  Dozens of times each day, your blood pressure changes with what you’re feeling and doing. These “ups and downs” take place in everyone, but they are more severe in people with high blood pressure. That discovery is the basis for the newest therapy: controlling blood pressure by learning skills to control everyday stress.

  Many patients control their blood pressure with the relaxation response. This takes four simple things: a quiet environment, a comfortable position (sitting or lying down), the repeating of a word, prayer or phrase each time you breathe and having none of other thoughts.

  Something remarkable happens when you do this, according to research in Boston. Relaxation of the mind and body has the effect that some blood-pressure pills would have. What’s more, the blood pressure stays lower, just as it would with a pill, after you have stopped the relaxation and have returned to the stress of daily life.

  31. The first paragraph tells us the reason why your blood pressure goes up is that__________.

  A. you read aloud a sentence B. the man you talk to is your boss

  C. you’re not married D. you’re nervous

  32. Which of the following statements is not true?

  A. One’s blood pressure changes many times every day.

  B. Your blood pressure changes with your feelings.

  C. When you’re doing different things, your blood pressure, perhaps, is different.

  D. The changes of blood pressure only happen to people with high blood pressure.

  33. The last paragraph tells us relaxation therapy__________.

  A. needs a new kind of medicine

  B. has the same effect as blood-pressure pills

  C. is more than blood-pressure pills

  D. is working and can be improved

  Passage 2

  If you do not find the required information using the tips from the previous section, then you need to consult an online service to find the piece of information you were looking for. Three different types of services have been established over the years: crawlers, directories and meta search engines.

  The first crawler was created back in 1993. It was called the World Wide Worm. It crawled from one site to the next and indexed all pages by saving the content of the web pages into a huge database. Crawlers or spiders visit a web page, read it, and then follow links to other pages within the site and even follow links to other sites. Web crawlers return to each site on a regular basis, such as every month or two, to look for changes. Everything a crawler finds goes into a database, which people are able to query.

  The advantage of the web crawlers is that they have an extensive database with almost the complete Internet indexed in it. The disadvantage is that you get thousands of web pages as a response for almost any request.

  Web directories work a little differently. First of all they contain a structured tree of information. All information entered into this tree is either entered by the webmaster who wants to announce his new web page or by the directory maintainer who looks at the web pages submitted. The directories where webmasters can submit both the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) and the description normally contain more misleading information.

  Getting into most web directories is a combination of luck and quality. Although anyone is able to submit a web page, there is no guarantee that a certain page will be included. Some directories charge for submission, which is basically a rip-off.

  Some crawlers maintain an associated directory. If your site is in the directory, the ranking of your web site normally will be higher, as it is already pre-classified. Many directories work with crawlers together, in order to deliver results, when nothing can be found in the directory.

  Meta search engines do not have a database with URLs and descriptions. Instead they have a database of search engines. If you enter your keywords into a meta search engine it will send out requests to all the directories and crawlers it has stored in its database. The meta search engines with a more sophisticated application in the background are able to detect double URLs which come back from the various search engines and present only a single URL to the customer.

  34. Crawler is a kind of__________.

  A. worm B. search engine

  C. service D. directory

  35. The disadvantage of Crawler is that it__________.

  A. provides a complete database

  B. takes too much time to find the needed information

  C. provides too much useless information

  D. gives response to every quest

  36. Who can input information to the web directories?

  A. Only webmasters.

  B. Both directory maintainers and webmasters.

  C. Any one who wants to announce a web page.

  D. Any one who has found a new web page.

  Passage 3

  In what seems like the prehistoric times of computer history; the earth’s postwar era, there was quite a widespread rumor that computers would take over the world from man one day. Already today, less than fifty years later, as computers are relieving us of more and more of the routine tasks in business and in our personal lives, we are faced with a less dramatic but not less foreseen problem. People tend to be over-trusting of computers and are reluctant to challenge their authority. Indeed, they behave as if they were hardly aware that wrong buttons may be pushed, or that a computer may simply malfunction.

  Obviously, there would be no point in investing in a computer if you had to check all its answers, but people should also rely on their own internal computers and check the machine when they have the feeling that something has gone wrong.

  Questioning and routine double-checks must continue to be as much a part of good business as they were in pre-computer days. Maybe each computer should come with the warning: for all the help this computer may provide, it should not be seen as a substitute for fundamental thinking and reasoning skills.

  37. According to the passage, the author would probably disapprove of__________.

  A. investment in computers

  B. complete dependence on computers

  C. double-check on computers

  D. the use of computer

  38. In the author’s opinion, people should__________.

  A. be reasonably doubtful about computers

  B. use computers for business purposes only

  C. substitute computers for basic thinking

  D. check all their answers when using computers

  39. What is suggested in this passage?

  A. Computer won’t change our personal lives.

  B. Computer can create unforeseen problems.

  C. Computer has taken control of the world.

  D. Computer cannot affect our businesses.

  40. What is the main purpose of this passage?

  A. To look back to the early days of computers.

  B. To explain what technical problems may occur with computers.

  C. To discourage investment in computers.

  D. To warn against a mentally lazy attitude towards computers.

  四、 单词汉译英(本大题共15小题,每小题1分,共15分)


  41. 收入;岁入 n. r_______________

  42. 闯入;侵扰 v. i_______________

  43. 承担责任的 adj. r_______________

  44. 繁荣 n. p_______________

  45. 证实,确认 v. c_______________

  46. 持续的 adj. c_______________

  47. 按顾客要求制做 v. c_______________

  48. 交易;事务;处理 n. t_______________

  49. 发票;发货单 n. i_______________

  50. 视力;洞察力n. v_______________

  51. 流行;货币 n. c_______________

  52. 必要的;基本的 adj.要素,要点n. e_______________

  53. 领土;领域,范围 n. d_______________

  54. 预言,预报 n . p_______________

  55. 口令;密码 n. p_______________

  五、 单词英译汉(本大题共15小题,每小题1分,共15分)


  56. financial transaction

  57. tangible benefit

  58. market share

  59. discounted price

  60. product return

  61. sale tax

  62. algorithm

  63. credit card

  64. database integration

  65. node

  66. review and approval process

  67. domain name

  68. create an account

  69. in vain

  70. smart cards

  六、 英译汉(本大题共5小题,每小题2分,共10分)

  (71) Even as exchanges emerge to enable rich interaction among companies, businesses are looking forward to the Internet to enable the adoption of truly dynamic pricing . One solution is emerging in the form of bots, software that serves as an agent acting on behalf of a specific user or application. Advancing bot technology enables dynamic, automated, real-time interaction between buyers and sellers, allowing sellers to capture the true value of their goods in the market. (72 ) The implications for businesses are vital, since this emerging technology may change how companies sell their goods. Ramifications companies need to take steps to address include:

  · Disintermediation of individual auction environments through bots that allow buyers to automatically poll multiple auction services and fixed-price channels to garner advantageous terms;

  · (73) Development of exchanges that aggregate the information harvested by bots in order to reduce transaction costs and eliminate concerns of fraud; and

  · (74) The emergence of the bot-aggregator exchange as a primary sales channel, which employs rules to enable transactions.

  (75) The bot future is not yet certain. For example, providers must find ways to reduce per-transaction costs before widespread adoption can occur. But the powerful connectivity of the Internet is rapidly evolving the buyer/seller relationship. With bot technology advancing quickly, companies should prepare for a future priced for demand.

  七、 汉译英(本大题共5小题,每小题2分,共10分)


  76. 你评定一种酒的好坏时用什么标准?(criteria)

  77. 她有能力做这项工作。(ability)

  78. 这件工作我不满意。(satisfy)

  79. 勿受坏榜样的影响。(influence)

  80. 它很便宜,但在另一方面,质量很差。(on the other hand )





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