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请以下述内容为题,写一篇日记。 3 月 15 日,星期一。词数: 60 ~ 80 词。提示:

  ①今晚,你去参加李江的生日晚会,大家又唱又跳,玩得很开心。②离开李江家时,天开始下雨,由于已很晚了,你步行回家;③一辆摩托车急驰而过,在十字路口撞倒了一个男孩。④摩托车没停,逃跑了。⑤你十分气愤,记下了车号( FD - 2819 )后马上打电话报警,并把孩子送往医院。


  March 15th, Monday

  This evening I went to Li Jiang’s birthday party. We sang and danced. We had a good time at the party.

  When I left Li Jiang’s house, it began to rain. It was late. I had to walk home.

  A motorbike ran by me very fast. It hit a boy at the crossing. But the motorbike didn’t stop. It ran away.

  I felt very angry. I wrote down its number: FD - 2819. I telephoned the police at once. Then I sent the boy to the hospital.



  1. 时间: 2005 年 3 月 4 日,星期一,下午。

  2. 天气:阴。

  3. 项目:跳远( long jump )。

  4. 过程:( 1 )打上课铃时就在操场集合;( 2 )做准备活动( warming-up exercises );( 3 )听老师讲解并示范;( 4 )我因心情紧张而失败;( 5 )不灰心,反复练习;( 6 )终于跳过三米。

  5. 体会:只要有恒心( perseverance )就一定能成功。


  1. 内容必须包括所有要点,但不能逐点翻译。

  2. 日记格式要正确。

  3. 词数 100 左右。


  March 4, 2005, Monday Cloudy

  This afternoon we had a P.E. lesson. Our teacher taught us to practise the long jump. When the bell rang, we gathered on the playground. After warming-up exercises, the teacher told us about the long jump and showed us how to do it. We followed the teacher and practised one after another. Soon came my turn and I felt a little nervous. I failed the first time but I didn’t stop practising. At last I managed to jump over three meters.

  From this lesson I came to see that one will succeed if he has the perseverance.




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