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82.Re: 成人仪式——怎么说?Coming of Age ceremony  
83.Re: 请问:奥姆真理教 该怎么拼?谢谢! Japanese Aum Doomsday Cult. B.  
84.Re: “表面上地”怎么说? 
表面上不情愿be seemingly reluctant 表面上生气apparent anger 表面上相似superficial resemblance 流于表面上的检查superficial inspection 受表面现象迷惑be misled by the externals 从表面上看outwardly 他表面文静,其实脾气很暴躁。Beneath that ostensibal calmness is a man of fierce temper. 
85.Re: "对某事抱太高的希望"用英语怎么说?put one’s expectations too high 
86.Re: 右下角怎么说? lower right-hand corner 
87.Re: 请问“外因还要通过内因起作用”该怎么说? 
External causes become operative through internal causes. 
88.Re: 农作物的产量怎么说?(crops) output/production 
89.Re: 浓郁的人文环境怎么翻译啊 
strongly humanistic atmosphere  
90.Re: 请问“贞观之治“如何翻译?谢谢! 
Golden Years of Zhenguan, marked by peace, prosperity, openness, and efficient government 
91.Re: 请教:违约金怎么说的亚penalty/liquidated damages  
92.Re: 请教大家:良药苦口怎么说阿 
good medicine tastes bitter; bitter pills have wholesome effects. 
常用翻译:良药苦口利于病,忠言逆耳利于行。 Just as bitter medicine cures sickness, unpalatable advice benefits conduct.  
93.Re: 居里夫人发现镭这个事情怎么用英文阐述? 
Madame Curie discovered the element radium.  
94.Re: ;有没有中东问题相应的翻译The Mideast 
teach students in accordance with their aptitute; 
modify one’s way of teaching to suit the special requirements of each class; 
offer an individualized quality education for every student 
英雄所见略同great minds think alike; heroes have similar views 
96.Re: 请问,可持续发展怎么说sustainable development 
further the sustainable development of the national economy 
97.Re: 文化的传承???怎么说 
impart and inherit culture; impart and pass on culture 
98.Re: 请问奥斯特怎么说呀Oersted  
99.Re: 求教翻译大陆法系,英美法系 
大陆法系continental law system; Romano-Germanic family; system of civil law 
英美法系Anglo-American law system 
100.Re: 请问,交换苹果和交换思想是谁说的呀? 
Bernard Shaw  
"If you have an apple and I have an apple and we exchange apples then 
you and I will still each have one apple. But if you have an idea and I have an idea and we  
exchange these ideas, then each of us will have two ideas."
101.Re: 请问“不胜枚举”及“合理统一”该怎么说? 
不胜枚举too many to enumerate/list; defy enumeration; unable to mention individually。 
合理统一 这个词语的翻译得给出完整的句子。 
rational/proper unity/uniformity...? 
102.Re: “占据越来越大的比例”该怎么说?hold/a

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