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 Each of six automated tasks, numbered 1 through 6, takes one full hour to complete. No time elapses between the completion of any of the six tasks and the beginning of another task. The group of six tasks must be completed in the shortest possible time period, subject only to the following restrictions: 

  Tasks 1 and 2 must both be completed before any of the other tasks can be begun.

  Task 3 must be completed before task 4 can be begun.

  At any one time, no more than one task can be performed, except that tasks 4 and 5 can be performed concurrently.

  Which of the following tasks could be the second task performed?








  The shortest possible time period in which the group of six tasks can be completed is

  two hours

  three hours

  four hours

  five hours

  six hours



  Which of the following CANNOT be true of any acceptable ordering of tasks?

  Task 1 is performed before task 2.

  Task 3 is performed before task 6.

  Task 4 is performed before task 6.

  Task 5 is performed before task 3.

  Task 6 is performed before task 3.



  If task 6 is performed as early in the order of tasks as is permissible, then task 6 is performed








  Most television viewers estimate how frequently a particular type of accident or crime occurs by how extensively it is discussed on television news shows.Television news shows report more on stories that include dramatic pictures such as fires and motor vehicle accidents than they do on more common stories that have little visual drama such as bookkeeping fraud. 

  If the statements above are true, it can be properly concluded that which of the following is also true?

  The time that television news reporters spend researching news stories is  directly related to the number of viewers who will be affected by events like  those in the news stories.

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