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1. (A) Discuss the situation with the person in charge of the dormitory.
(B) Ask her roommate not to make so much noise.
(C) Go to bed after midnight.
(D) Send a letter to the residents.

2. (A) Now he understands the system.
(B) He has no use for technology.
(C) He has to do some calculations.
(D) He doesn't know how to operate the computer.

3. (A) He's growing very quickly.
(B) He's the tallest of three boys.
(C) He can jump high.
(D) He has to leave today at three.

4. (A) Nothing can help Debra pass the exam.
(B) Debra doesn't need to study at all.
(C) Being well rested will help Debra on the exam.
(D) Debra should get some fresh air in the morning.

5. (A) The woman's roommate went to get it.
(B) It was sent to the woman's roommate by mistake.
(C) The woman picked it up at the post office.
(D) The postal service delivered it to the woman's house.

6. (A) He has to wash a thousand dishes.
(B) He has more dishes than his brother.
(C) His brother takes too much time washing the dishes.
(D) He has asked his brother to wash the dishes many times.

7. (A) He'd like to reschedule the party.
(B) He and Jill aren't free next week.
(C) He's not sure if Jill is available on Friday.
(D) He doesn't know what to bring to the party.

8. (A) The bicycle is being repaired.
(B) The bicycle is new.
(C) She lent the bicycle to a friend.
(D) The bicycle is parked outside.

9. (A) She wanted to visit Joe's home.
(B) She doesn't understand why Joe left without her.
(C) Joe should take a taxi to her house.
(D) Joe didn't want to take the taxi to his house.

10. (A) He has always admired her.
(B) He wishes he could spend more time with her.
(C) She's taller than he is.
(D) She looks very different from him.

11. (A) Train service will return to normal in a few days.
(B) It's better to take a train later in the day.
(C) The man tookthe wrong train.
(D) Delays in train service will continue.

12. (A) Put the briefcase back in the elevator.
(B) Contact the owner of the briefcase.
(C) Find out if the receptionist lost a briefcase.
(D) Take the briefcase to the reception desk.

13. (A) Sports.
(B) Music.
(C) Hardware.
(D) Arts and crafts.

14. (A) She works long hours.
(B) She found another job.
(C) She is too tired to teach.
(D) No one can take her place.

15. (A) The band needs more practice.
(B) The band members are being paid to play.
(C) The band has been working hard.
(D) Band practice begins in an hour.

16. (A) She has changed her schedule.
(B) She was sick on Friday.
(C) She works less than she used to.
(D) Her vacation started on Monday.
17. (A) Where the woman is going to dinner.
(B) Where the new restaurant is located.
(C) Where the woman got the coupon.
(D) Where the woman's cousin lives.

18. (A) She'd also like to get a printer.
(B) She needs a printer more than the man does.
(C) The man should buy a high-quality printer.
(D) The man should invest in a printing company.

19. (A) Hurry.
(B) Pick up the Browns.
(C) Go downstairs.
(D) Move to a new house.

20. (A) She wants to change her major.
(B) She's not going to graduate school immediately.
(C) She'll stop at the office before returning to school.
(D) She'll switch colleges for graduate work.

21. (A) The picnic will probably be canceled.
(B) He's glad that the picnic is this weekend.
(C) It's not going to rain.
(D) He knows where the picnic is to be held.

22. (A) To try out for the volleyball team.
(B) Not to worry about what people think.
(C) To get them tickets to the volleyball game.
(D) To spend more time on her studies.

23. (A) Mike probably won't find an apartment in time.
(B) Mike should talk to his old landlord.
(C) Mike always manages to find an apartment.
(D) Mike hasn't registered for school this year.

24. (A) Read a gas meter.
(B) Start a camp fire.
(C) Get gas for his car.
(D) Cook some food.

25. (A) He doesn't remember exactly what he said.
(B) He told the woman to try to get more sleep.
(C) He knew the woman would benefit from his advice.
(D) He didn't expect the woman to listen to him.
26. (A) It's easier to take the subway.
(B) Automobiles pollute the air.
(C) The subway is less than half full.
(D) Cars are expensive to operate.

27. (A) She thinks it's cold too.
(B) They need to get the freezer fixed again.
(C) She'd like the man to repeat what he said.
(D) The man told her that before.

28. (A) The man caused the newsletter to be late.
(B) The man's article won't be published right away.
(C) She hasn't had time to read the man's article.
(D) She doesn't know what happened to the man's article.

29. (A) The sisters share a lot of things.
(B) She and her sister will switch seats.
(C) Things are going well for her sister.
(D) Her sister finished her cooking.

30. (A) Eat a late dinner.
(B) Cancel the break.
(C) Skip dinner.
(D) Bring the man something to eat.

31. (A) To make an appointment to look at a house.
(B) To get information about special housing.
(C) To ask about getting a loan to buy a house.
(D) To renew his housing contract.

32. (A) With his grandparents.
(B) In student housing.
(C) With his wife's parents.
(D) In his own apartment.

33. (A) He has more than one child.
(B) His wife is a graduate student.
(C) He is a full-time student.
(D) He works at the university housing office.

34. (A) He earns less than $15,000 a year.
(B) He's looking for a full-time job.
(C) He thinks his rent is too high.
(D) He plans to go back to graduate school.

35. (A) She isn't there in the morning.
(B) Her assistant isn't there in the morning.
(C) She won't have the forms he needs until the afternoon.
(D) She isn't as busy in the afternoon.

36. (A) They lived in caves.
(B) They traveled in groups.
(C) They had an advanced language.
(D) They ate mostly fruit.

37. (A) They lived in large groups.
(B) They used sand as insulation.
(C) They kept fires burning constantly.
(D) They faced their homes toward the south.

38. (A) Meet his anthropology teacher.
(B) Lend him her magazine when she's done with it.
(C) Come over to his house after class.
(D) Help him study for an anthropology test.

39. (A) Putting a roof on a barn.
(B) Harvesting water reeds.
(C) Using stone as a building material.
(D) Daily farm operations.

40. (A) Clay tiles.
(B) Slate or stone.
(C) Wooden shingles.
(D) Reeds or straw.

41. (A) Later colonists did not know how to thatch.
(B) Thatching was considered dangerous.
(C) Other roofing materials were available.
(D) Thatching was unsuitable for the climate.

42. (A) It's manufactured to be strong.
(B) It bends without breaking.
(C) Thatchers nail it down securely.
(D) The winds can pass through it easily.

43. (A) If people had more time to learn how to do it.
(B) If its cost went down.
(C) If it could make buildings more attractive.
(D) If people realized its many advantages.

44. (A) The coffee market in Boston.
(B) The role of supermarkets in the coffee business.
(C) A new trend in the United States.
(D) The advertising of a new product.

45. (A) Gourmet coffee is less expensive.
(B) Regular brands of coffee have too much caffeine.
(C) Gourmet coffee tastes better.
(D) Gourmet coffee is grown in the United States.

46. (A) They will run out of coffee.
(B) They will successfully compete with gourmet coffee sellers.
(C) They will introduce new regular brands of coffee.
(D) They will lose some coffee business.47. (A) Photographic techniques common in the early 1900's.
(B) The life of Alfred Stieglitz.
(C) The influence of weather on Alfred Stieglitz' photography.
(D) Alfred Stieglitz' approach to photography.

48. (A) How to analyze photographic techniques.
(B) How to define photography.
(C) How Alfred Stieglitz contributed to the history of photography.
(D) Whether photography is superior to other art forms.

49. (A) They were influenced by his background in engineering.
(B) They were very expensive to take.
(C) They were among the first taken under such conditions.
(D) Most of them were of poor quality.

50. (A) He thought the copying process took too long.
(B) He considered each photograph to be unique.
(C) He didn't have the necessary equipment for reproduction.
(D) He didn't want them to be displayed outside of his home.


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