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?牐牐? As many as one thousand years ago in the Southwest, the Hopi and Zuni Indians of North America were building with adobe -- sun-baked brick plastered with mud. Their homes looked
remarkably like modem apartment houses. Some were four stories high and contained quarters
for perhaps thousand people, along with storerooms for grain and other goods. These
buildings were usually put up against cliffs, both to make construction easier and for defense
against enemies. They were really villages in themselves, as later Spanish explorers must have
realized since they called them "pueblos", which is Spanish for town.

?牐牐牐燭he people or the pueblos raised what are called "the three sisters" -- corn, beans, and
squash. They made excellent pottery and wove marvelous baskets, some so fine that they could
hold water. The Southwest has always been a dry country, where water is scarce. The Hopi and
Zuni brought water from streams to their fields and gardens through irrigation ditches. Water
was so important that it played a major role in their religion. They developed elaborate
ceremonies and religious rituals to bring rain.

?牐牐燭he way of life of less-settled groups was simpler and more strongly influenced by nature.
Small tribes such as the Shoshone and Ute wandered the dry and mountainous lands between
the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. They gathered seeds and hunted small animals
such as rabbits and snakes.In the Far North the ancestors of today s Inuit hunted seals, walruses,
and the great whales. They lived right on the frozen seas in shelters called igloos built of blocks
of packed snow. When summer came, they fished for salmon and hunted the lordly caribou.

?牐牐? The Cheyenne, Pawnee, and Sioux tribes, known as the Plains Indians, lived on the
grasslands between the rocky mountains and the Mississippi River. They hunted bison
commonly called the buffalo. Its meat was the chief food of these tribes, and its hide was used
to make their clothing and the covering of their tents and tipis .

1.What does the passage mainly discuss?
(A) The architecture of early American Indian buildings
(B) The movement of American Indians across North America
(C) Ceremonies and rituals of American Indians
(D) The way of life of American Indian tribes in early North America

2. According to the passage the Hopi and Zuni typically built their homes
(A) in valleys
(B) next to streams
(C) on open plains
(D) against cliffs

3. The word "They" in line 6 refers to
(A) goods
(B) buildings
(C) cliffs
(D) enemies

4.It can be inferred from the passage that the dwellings of the Hopi and Zuni were
(A) very small
(B) highly advanced
(C) difficult to defend
(D) quickly constructed

5.The author uses the phrase "the three sisters" in line8 refer to
(A) Hopi women
(B) family members
(C) important crops
(D) rain ceremonies

6. The word "scarce" in line10 is closest in meaning to
(A) limited
(B) hidden
(C) pure
(D) necessary

7.Which of the following is true of the Shoshone and Ute?
(A) They were not as settled as the Hopi and Zuni.
(B) They hunted caribou.
(C) They built their home with adobe.
(D) They did not have many religious .

8. According to the passage which of the following tribes lived in the grasslands?
(A) The Shoshone and Ute
(B) The Cheyenne and Sioux
(C) The Hopi and Zuni
(D) The Pawnee and Inuit

9. Which of the following animals was most important to the Plains Indians?
(A) The salmon
(B) The caribou
(C) The seal
(D) The buffalo

10. Which of the following is NOT mentioned by the author as a dwelling place of early
North Americans?
(A) Log cabins
(B) Adobe houses
(C) Tipis
(D) Igloos

11 . The author gives an explanation for all of the following words EXCEPT
(A) adobe
(B) pueblos
(C) caribou
(D) bison

12. The author groups North American Indians according to their
(A) tribes and geographical regions
(B) arts and crafts
(C) rituals and ceremonies
(D) date of appearance on the continent

?牐牐燤arianne Moore (1887-1972) once said that her writing could be called poetry only
because there was no other name for it. Indeed her poems appear to be extremely compressed
essays that happen to be printed in jagged lines on the page. Her subjects were varied: animals,
laborers, artists, and the craft of poetry. From her general reading came quotations that she
found striking or insightful. She included these in her poems, scrupulously enclosed in quotation
marks, and sometimes identified in footnotes. Of this practice, she wrote, " Why the many
quotation marks? I am asked......When a thing has been said so well that it could not be said
better, why paraphrase it? Hence my writing is, if not a cabinet of fossils, a kind of collection
of flies in amber." Close observation and concentration on detail are the methods of her poetry.

?牐牐燤arianne Moore grew up in Kirkwood, Missouri, near St.Louis. After graduation from
Bryn Mawr College in 1909, she taught commercial subjects at the Indian School in Carlisle,
Pennsylvania. Later she became a librarian in New York City. During the 1920 s she was editor
of The Dial, an important literary magazine of the period. She lived quietly all her life, mostly
in Brooklyn, New York. She spent a lot of time at the Bronx Zoo, fascinated by animals.
Her admiration of the Brooklyn Dodgers---before the team moved to Los Angeles ---was
widely known.

?牐牐燞er first book of poems was published in London in 1921 by a group of friends associated
with the Imagist movement. From that time on her poetry has been read with interest by
succeeding generations of poets and readers. In 1952 she was award the Pulitzer Prize for her
Collected Poems. She wrote that she did not write poetry "for money or fame. To earn a living
is needful, but it can be done in routine ways. One writes because one has a burning desire to
objectify what it is indispensable to one s happiness to express......."

13. What is the passage mainly about?
(A) The influence of the Imagists on Marianne Moore.
(B) Essayists and poets of the 1920 s
(C) The use of quotations in poetry
(D) Marianne Moor s life and work

14. Which if the following can be interred about Moore s poems?
(A) They are better known in Europe than the United States.
(B) They do not use traditional verse forms.
(C) They were all published in The Dial.
(D) They tend to be abstract.

15. According to the passage Moore wrote about all of the following EXCEPT
(A) artists
(B) animals
(C) fossils
(D) workers

16. What does Moore refer to as "flies in amber" (line 9)?
(A) A common image in her poetry
(B) Poetry in the twentieth century
(C) Concentration on detail
(D) Quotations within her poetry

17. The author mentions all of the following as jobs held by Moore EXCEPT
(A) commercial artist
(B) teacher
(C) magazine editor
(D) librarian

18. The word "period" in line 13 is closest in meaning to
(A) movement
(B) school
(C) region
(D) time

19.Where did Moore spend most of her adult life?
(A) In Kirkwood
(B) In Brooklyn
(C) In Los Angeles
(D) In Carlisle

20.The word "succeeding" in line 19 is closest in meaning to
(A) inheriting
(B) prospering
(C) diverse
(D) later

21 . The word "it" in line 21 refers to
(A) writing poetry
(B) becoming famous
(C) earning n living
(D) attracting readers

22.It can be inferred from the passage that Moore wrote because she
(A) wanted to win awards
(B) was dissatisfied with what others wrote
(C) felt a need to express herself
(D) wanted to raise money for the Bronx Zoo

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