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1. Between 1870 and 1 890 the total population of tile United States---.
(A) that doubled
(B) doubled
(C) It doubled
(D) when doubled

2. Intended to display the work of twentieth-century artists, in 1929.
(A) the opening of the Museum of Modern Art
(B) so the Museum of Modern Art opened
(C) why tile Museum of Modern Art opened
(D) the Museum of Modern Art opened

3. The Earth has a tremendous amount of water, but--- in the ocean.
(A) almost all of it is
(B) it is almost all of
(C) is of it almost all
(D) all is of it almost

4. --- have sense organs in a canal known as the lateral line, which allows them to respond to changes in water pressure caused by nearby motion.
(A) That tile fish
(B) Fish
(C) When fish
(D) If tile fish

5. Direct information on the chemical composition of the Moon became available in 1969 --- of the first Apollo mission to land on the Moon.
(A) with tile return
(B) returning
(C) when returned
(D) and the return

6. --- completely harmless to the environment is very difficult and usually economically unsound.
(A) Cleaning products that
(B) Cleaning products are
(C) Cleaning products are made
(D) Making a cleaning product

7. One of Ulysses S. Grant's first acts as President of the United States was to name tile Seneca chief Donehogawa --- of Indian Affairs.
(A) as was Commissioner
(B) Commissioner
(C) was Commissioner
(D) him Commissioner

8. One of the most ancient arts,--- in different parts of the world.
(A) for weaving to develop independently
(B) the independent development of weaving
(C) weaving, to develop independently
(D) weaving developed independently

9. --- classified as a carnivore, the North American grizzly bear cats berries and even grass.
(A) Just as
(B) Because of
(C) Although
(D) Either

10. Not only --- much bigger than any planet, but unlike the planets, it consists completely of gaseous material.
(A) the Sun is
(B) the Sun, which is
(C) is the Sun
(D) that the Sun

11. Colloquialisms,---of informal spoken language, are often considered inappropriate for more formal written language.
(A) expression which are characteristic
(B) which characteristic expressions
(C) are expressions characteristic
(D) expressions can be characteristic

12. Her work in genetics won United States scientist Barbara McClintock ----- in 1983.
(A) was the Nobel Prize
(B) the Nobel Prize was
(C) the Nobel Prize
(D) for the Nobel Prize

13. --- usually thought to end in northern New Mexico, the Rocky Mountains really extend
southward to the frontier of Mexico.
(A) Despite
(B) To be
(C) While
(D) However

14. The novelist Edith Wharton considered the Writer Henry James
(A) that a strong influence on her work
(B) as strong influence on her work
(C) a strong influence on her work
(D) was a strong influence on her work

15. Ironically, the poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow claimed he never liked teaching, although a professor at Harvard University and taught for many years.
(A) becoming
(B) he became
(C) had lie become
(D) for him to become

16. The hind leg(A) of the gerbil are particularly(B) well adapted to(C) leaping across(D) its desert habitat.

17. Educator(A) Helen Magill White was the first(B) American woman to have earn(C) the Ph.D. degree(D).

18. The changes that occur(A) in the life cycle(B) of a butterfly or moth are probable(C) the most striking examples(D) of metamorphosis.

19. In the nineteenth century, North American locomotives ran(A) on hardwood fuel(B),Which was inexpensive(D) and plentiful in the time.

20. Much(A) theories have been(B) developed concerning how(C) people learn about cultures from the myths and legends passed down from one generation to another(D).

21. Several comet(A) are discovered each year, but very few of them(B) are bright(C) enough to be seen(D) without the aid or magnification.

22. Charles Monroe Schulz's comic(A) strip "Peanuts" is translated into(B) 26 languages also(C) has appeared in over 2,300 daily(D) newspapers.

23. In human beings the liver is(A) the biggest(B) glandular organ(C) of his(D) digestive system.

24. Many scientists(A) contributed to(B) the development of(C) television, whether(D) no one person can be said to have invented it.

25. Northern Canada contains(A) vast areas treeless(B) of low(C) vegetation known(D) as tundra.

26. Gordon Parks composed wrote(A), and directed Martin, the(B) classical ballet who(C)Examines the meaning of the life of(D) Martin Luther King. Jr.

27. In 1965 Rodolfo Gonzales has estab1ished(A) an organization(B) called(C) the Crusade For Justice in(D) Denver, Colorado.

28. Large, heavy(A) draft horses were commonly(B) used for labor farm(C) in the United States before the(D) introduction of tractors.

29.Herads of migrating caribou, members(A) of the deer family arc an important(B) economically(C) resource to Inuits and other Native Americans.

30. Some(A) nineteenth-century advocates(B) for the emancipation of women in the United States were also activity(C) in the Underground Railroad, helping(D) slaves to escape.

31. Feathers not only(A) protect birds from injury and conserve(B) body heat but also function in flight(C). courtship, camouflage, and sensory perceptive(D).

32. The radio telescope, invented(A) in 1932, has capabilities(B) beyond far(C) those ofoptical telescopes in tracking(D) signals from galaxies.

33. Rafting was an(A) essential mean(B) of transportation(C) from prehistoric times(D) to thenineteenth century.

34. Many fortification(A) rank among the most(B) functional and beautiful works of(C)architecture constructed(D) in North America before the twentiethcentury.

35. Because(A) her work was popular with(B) European royally, Harriet Goodhue Hosmer became financial(C) successful as a sculptor in the(D) mid-eighteen hundreds. 

36. The actor(A) James Earl Jones gained(B) Broadway stardom in "The Great Whitehope" for his powerful(C) portrayal of prizefighter(D).

37. Despite(A) fats and oils arc nutritionally(B) important as(C) energy sources, medical research indicates(D) that saturated fats may contribute to hardening of the arteries.

38. Large multicolored insects with(A) four wings, dragonflies play(B) a very important role in the ecosystem of humid area(C) by controlling(D) the population of mosquitoes.

39. During(A) early nineteenth-century Boston. the architect(B) Charles Bulfinch, eager to make the city beautiful, sometimes provided(C) free plans for people building homes(D).

40. In 1889 Jane Addams, a social worker in Chicago, founded hull house, an institution(A) devoted(B) to the improvement(C) of community life in poor neighborhood(D).


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