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Some people like to hold the opinion that A is superior to B in many ways. Others however, contradict A. Personally, I would prefer(表明自己的观点:赞同A)because I think A has more advantages.

There are numerous reasons why(表明自己的观点:赞同A), and I would in here explaining a few of the most important ones. First and foremost, the main reason is that(赞同A的原因之一). It can be given a concrete example:(举例说明原因之一).

Another reason why I advocate the attitude of A is that(赞同A的原因之二).Take the case of thing that(举例说明原因之二)

Last but not the least, one very strong argument in favor of A is that(举例说明赞同A 的原因之三). This demonstrates the undeniable fact that(表明A的优势)

Of courses, choosing B also has advantages to extent. For instance,(列出B的1-2个优势)

But if all factors are contemplated, it is no difficult to conclude that the advantages of A carry more weight than those of B. From what has been discussed above, we may finally draw the conclusion that(总结观点, 呼应文章开头).




No doubt, I choose A in no hesitation, because there are too many benefits about A that outnumber its disadvantages and I feel no inclination not to choose it. But B, on the other hand, has advantages no more than its disadvantages. But any argument remains groundless unless we manage to present plenty of evidence to support it.

The most important benefit of A is that(A 能带来和第一个好外). A case in point is that(举例说明A的第一个好处). To achieve the same effect, B will(B 带来的坏外, 比如:浪费很多东西,如时间,金钱等).

Another benefit of A, which B can hardly achieve, is that (A的第二个好处). Let us take an example to illustrate this point: (举例说明第二个好处).

Although B also has its seemingly profound advantages, it can only be achieved conditionally because(B的局限性, 即这种局限性是很难改进的).

After understanding the above reasoning, it is quite safe now to say: to choose A is nothing but a wise action.




A and B are two totally different ideas that have caused heated debate over long period of time. Anyway, I agree with the idea of A. However, it is unfair to say which is better than the other if we do not see both sides of the story in the following paragraphs.

Some people believe B because(人们支持B的第一个原因). These people point out the fact that(进一步阐述).They also argue that(人们相信B的第二个原因).

However ,other people stand on a very different ground, they hold the view that (支持A的第一个原因). It is their firm belief that (进一步阐述). An example can give the details of this argument : (举例说明第一个原因). In addition,(支持A的第二个原因).

In a word, A is too tempting not to be chosen. A, as shown above , has not only (选择A的第一个好处),but also (选择A 的第二个好处).



命题形式二 单一观点式


Before rendering my opinion, I think it is important to take a glance at the arguments on both sides. People who support XXX usually give some, even all of the following reasons. The first is that (人们支持XXX的第一个原由).The second is that (人们支持XXX 的第二个原因).

Generally, people who attack XXX claim that (反对XXX 结论的第一个原因). They also often say that there will be problems of(反对XXX 结论的第二个原因,填上如果选择XXX会带来的问题).

As far as I am concerned, I come to the notion that there are two main reasons why I support XXX. Firstly, (我支持XXX 和第一个原因). Furthermore,(我支持XXX 的第三个原因).


适用于: XXX的正反两面都有的可说.

模板 2 (反对)

There's no need for me to put any emphasis on what the advantages of XXX are. Many people make themselves supporters of XXX because they recognize that (XXX的优势).

However , I disagree with the title statement because I consider(XXX 的缺点之一). This can be illustrated by a fact that(举例说明).

Moreover, one of the notorious disadvantages of XXX is that(XXX 的缺点之二). The modern example of this is(举例说明这个缺点). So if this is prevalent, a unavoidable consequence is(这个缺点所带来的坏处).

Anther factor show that (XXX的缺点之三).

So, as I see the question of whether XXX is correct or not, I feel no reserved to believe that (重申观点).



模版3 (反对)

I completely disagree with this statement that choosing A has more advantages than choosing B. And I would like to present two explanations to confirm you that I am right.

First of all , (支持下B 的第一个原因).Let me give you an example : (举例说明原因之一). Thus, proving my point,(填入一句支持 B的的句子).

The second thing that must be taken into consideration when choosing A or B is that (支持B的第二个原因). As I have always said ,(进一步阐述支持B的第二个原因)

Finally, the point I am trying to make here is that it is not better to choose A than choose Bin that(支持B的第三个原因).

In sum,(总结观点).





How to do Z? Whether the traditional methods such as A, B and so on or the modern methods for example C and D have their advantages. Which you prefer depends on your own experience, life style and emotional concern. I prefer C most in my point of view. As I see it, there are mainly advantages of C as follows:

This can trace back to my childhood. Once with curiosity, I (喜欢C的第一个原因)

Yet for another reason is that (喜欢C的第二个原因). I can quote a common example (举一个例子支持第二个原因).

Then why I do not like others? For example, why I do not favor A ? Because I have had a bad experience with it.(举例说明). So even when anyone mentions it, I will catch a feeling of fear.

There are still many other reasons that can account to my fondness for C, but the obvious ones have been presented as above. C is unquestionably my first choice in doing Z, though I might be opposed by others.




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